Demonetisation unplanned both RBI, government clueless


Robert Vadra lashes out – | Posted by Kritika Banerjee

The businessman, who is married to Priyanka Gandhi, took to Facebook to lash out at the government for "its experiment" on people

Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, today attacked the Narendra Modi government for its flip-flop on the demonetisation scheme.

James kottoor(Note: Even the devil should be given his due, then why not Vadra get his due for saying something sensible, although Modi may not relish it. It only shows that both friends  and fores are getting awfully tired of this demon called Demonitization. May we call upon the wise among our readers to come with a trick to open the eyes of our dear PM.

Honestly it should be said of Modiji: “Bene currit, extra viam” (He runs extremely well, only he is off the trac!” How to point that out for the sake of the penniless poor? James kottoor, editor)

Here's how he hit out at the government for repeatedly changing the policy rules: Robert Vadra's attack on government

  1. The businessman, who is married to Priyanka Gandhi, took to Facebook to lash out at the government for "its experiment on us" to "try and prove itself correct".
  2. On Monday, the Reserve Bank of India revised the demonetisation rules once again: Old currency notes worth over Rs 5000 can only be deposited once per bank account till December 30.
  3. Hitting out at the change in rules, Vadra said, "It has has turned financial institutes to interrogation offices. Sad to see people suffering due to whims and fancies of the government".
  4. The post further said, "This shows demonetisation was completely unplanned. RBI and government are clueless".
  5. Following the demonetisation of currency since November 9, Opposition has attacked the government for causing inconvenience to the common man. Vadra's Facebook post reflected a similar line of thought. "I feel for the people and the difficulties they are facing," he said.

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