“Chewing the Cud”, CCV -April 21/18: Varghese Pamplanil responds.

The following is a reaction from  Sri Varghese Pamplanil, to  james kottoor’s, article comparing Clerical Sex abause in Chile and India, Kerala in the CCV: “Chewing the Cud”, April 21/18.

vargheseVarghese Pamplanil

Child sex abuses by Catholic clerics, in Chile &  knee-jerk reaction of Pope Francis:

The elaborate presentation by the Editor of CCV on the “Mea culpa” of Pope Francis is interesting and relevant.  

The gesture of the Pope in meeting three victims of Chile’s predatory paedophile priest’s sex abuse, appears to me, is not of much significance. At best it is a PR exercise. 

What is germane is the deep rooted scars on the psyche of persons subjected to horrendous, inhuman  and wide spread sex abuses as children by the Catholic clergy that  occurred in US, UK Australia, Belgium, France, Ireland and many other countries across the globe? Can the Pope touch his heart and publicly confess of the obdurate obfuscation and omertàon on the part of the Church thousands of abuse cases by criminal Catholic clerics for decades together in order to protect  the reputation of the Church? 

The reaction of the Church is tantamount to the response on discovering the preparers with their pants down.  Had these sexual deviants been  handed over to the civil authorities promptly, some good would have come out. Will the Pope,  who represents the Universal Church of  Catholics the world over take a policy decision that at least, hence forward, hand over the priestly criminals to civic authorities as and when such cases occur for exemplary punishment? 

That would be warning to persons claiming to have direct access to their deities and think they are above the Laws of the Lands they live in. Mere public relation exercises may not do much good and serve little purpose.

Has the Pope  the  honesty to bring into the public domain the major findings and the far reaching recommendations of the Australian Royal Commission which  investigated in detail  lasting five years on the horrendous rampant sexual abuses of trusting innocent children  by the Australian Catholic clergy and the cynical cover up resorted by the  authorities of the Church, in L’Osservatore Romana, for all the world to be in the know of?  

After reading the heart rending stories of the affected victims , he should  have disowned the Australian Catholic Church. Will the Pope wear the sack cloth of penitence for  the rest of his reign? No chance. Empty platitudes  and token gestures  serve no purpose. It will fool no one.

The happenings in the Catholic Church throws up a larger question about the belief in the Christian God. The proof of the pudding is eating it. 

Why is the Christian God, apparently has “No  Eyes and No Ears” and appears to be  incapable of doing any thing effective to haul up the delinquent  hierarchy of the Church for corrective action? Why this God never visited the modern day Sodom called Vatican to find out whether  at least one “Just Human” lives  there and if  finding none promptly rain down “sulphurous fire and brimstone” to  obliterate the place and its inhabitants from the face of Earth? What about the other centres of  Sodoms thrown across the Catholic world?

Why, why &  more whys?

Why this Almighty God has not lifted  his  little finger against the murky goings on, in the Church since CE 425 despite the fervent pleas of billions of faithful over the centuries? Why did  this God, on his own  volition, not punish the rouge Church and its clerics?  Why  did He do nothing against the Pope who ordered the burning alive at stake of Giordano  Bruno who refused to recant the scientific truths he found out. Was he not a monk of the Church? 

What  did the Christian God  do when Jan Hus was burned alive at the stake;  his charred bones  powdered and turned  to ashes so that nothing of his memory survived for translating the “Word of God “ into his native language for the benefit of his people? Which God condone the sacrifice of the lives of children cajoled to join the “ Children’s Crusade”? Which God would shut his eyes on the atrocities of Inquisition set in motion from 1231 by Pope Gregory IX and made more  horrible by Innocent IV by branding, killing and banishing Jews as  pariah dogs forgetting conveniently that Jesus was a circumcised  and practicing Jew? What about the thousands of so called heretics prosecuted and tortured all over the Christian world? 

Why the Catholic Church hold on to the pernicious view that the entire world is bound to follow its injunctions and commands? Is not an individual entitled to hold her/his own  views? Why did  not the Christian God prevent the cold  blooded and callus murder of thousands of innocent Cathars, children  and women included? Why did he not take  any action  against Popes John XII, Alexander VI and the others of the type, who had indulged in murder of perceived enemies and who turned the Vatican into a whore house?

God, Devil bogy men?

God and Devil  are boogymen to scare and discipline the childish and the simpletons with very little  brains. The Church is peopled mostly  by “eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven” and “children” who refuse to grow up and inclined to indulge in  childish things.

To my understanding, the edifice of the Church is built on wobbling foundation. It’s views of the world is the irrational; its moral precepts  are not in convergence with the Natural Laws;  it acts against human nature. It is still wrapped in the fossilised and absurd concepts such as Fall of Man, Original Sin, Sinner Human, conception of a Virgin by the Feminine Holy Spirit, the non-rapture of the said woman’s hymen despite the delivery through her vaginal birth canal, the hovering  of a star just above the manger where  their Human God was born, the fairy tales of  miracles, the  darkness at noon and the non-existent earthquake at the time of the  death of Jesus, his bodily ascension to heaven after resurrection.

Only when all the copies including the manuscripts of  the fiction and fairy tale book called the Bible is  burned to cinders  in roaring fires, humanity will regain some semblance of sanity. The Church is also  an organisation long overdue to  be consigned to the dung heap of history. Any way it will end up there  eventually  even if nothing is done. Only when this happens  humanity can  breathe the sigh of relief!

It is high time that the people who really constitute the Church assert themselves. Let the roles be reversed. Let the non-clerics who feed the  clerics  call the shots. Let not the tail wag the dog.  The employers who have all along been relegated to the far corners of the Church take over the controls of the institution and make the paid  employee clerics to behave. 

The track record of the Catholic Church in the sphere of human rights have been dismal. It is time to take a count of the thousands of  mentally mutilated credulous. Millions and millions carry around their necks huge stones of sin and guilt deliberately tied by the scheming money grabbing clerics and their  lives are being made  miserable by unscrupulous cheating “Vattayees” and their ilk.

Has the church anytime admitted its errors and taken remedial measures? It forced Galileo to recant on the pain death a scientific truth. Will  the Church ever  recant its numerous  mistakes?

The only step to bring the Catholic priests to behave is their compulsory marriage. The Church can give special dispensation to the sex maniacs to have  more than one wife.  The other remedy is to castrate all the clerics before setting them  loose among Catholic girls, boys and women.

Another method to ensure that the clerics do not indulge in sexual perversions is implantation of more than one electronic device deep inside their  bodies at time of their ordination so that their wrong doings and escapades can be monitored. It is also necessary to install infra red cameras and other  devices  in Church  sacristies, bed/bath/ other rooms used by  the clerics so that the nefarious activities of the “dog collar” wearers can be tracked. The Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops  and sundry others connected with the Church should be  watched diligently by the civil  authorities. 

What all inhuman anti-progressive deeds have been heaped on the human species by the Pauline–Constantianity a.k.a Catholic Church during its accursed existence for the last 1700 years. So, let the Pope, the Curia and all the clergy wear the black cloths of the penitents for the rest of their lives and even commit harakiri 

and save humanity.

Varghese Pamplanil                                                            

james kottoor replies:

Dear friend and Columnist Varghese,

My heart-felt thanks to you. “A Devil’s advocate’s Service”, pointing out the pros and cons, primarily the cons, to what the CCV in general and its editor in particular, is what  the editor requests and expects from our readers and critics.

We don’t believe in patting each other’s back, flattery expecting flattery in return. That doesn’t help to find the flaws in our thinking and vision, to correct and grow. That is what you have done in the a bove piece without mincing words, without fear or favour where issues are concerned, but with no love lost where personalities are concerned.

Our motto is and has always been that of Voltaire: “I will go to death to defend your right to speak or write what you honestly believes in, even when I may not agree one bit with what you have to say.” Congrats for rising up to that motto.

I wish many more would follow your example in frankly speaking, which is what is for us “Spreading the Good  word” or “Evangelization” in the parlance of ‘Churchianity’. One has to speak out in season and out of season, in rain and shine,  constantly. That is what Francis Pappa is doing. Unfortunately just the opposite is happening as far as our Indian bishops are concerned, who won’t even acknowledge mails sent to them.

But as an exception Cardinal Alancherry replied to me cordially and instantly to a letter I sent wishing him a “Happy Birthday” on April 19th. I wonder how many would James kottoorhave greeted him on his birthday and received replies, in spite of all the ragaing church politics. It would be good to find out.

Please continue your mission of Frankly speaking. Wishing you all the best.

James kottoor

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