CCV Sent Birthday Wishes to Cardinal Gracias

(Note: Cardinal Oswald Gracias of  Bombay  celebrated  his birth day on Dec.24. He happens to be one of the outspoken prelates among the over 200 Indian bishops who spoke up publicly on a controversial issue like same-sex relations with which bishops in India and at the Rome Synod were not comfortable with. In spite of it he defended their just cause and even appealed to the Indian government to do the needful to get the Supreme court to decriminalize gay relations which the Delhi High court had OKed earlier. The CCV sent the following birth day greetings to him on Dec.24th. We wish many others in his fraternity imitate his shining example during the New Year 2016 in speaking up for the sinful lot in the Margins of church and society(or in the periphery as Francis would call) like broken families, divorced, remarried etc. CCV)

Happy, Happy Birthday

Dear Cardinal Oswald Gracias

May the Lord Bless you, Hug you, Kiss you

Centum Annos Vivas, Vivas,

To speak up like Jesus for our sinful discredited

gay community, broken families, divorced or

remarried, those fallen on road in life’s journey

remembering Jesus giving communion  to a

betraying Judas, denying Peter, doubting Thomas

power-hungry James & John at last supper

and telling woman caught in adultery

Nor do I condemn you, sin no more, Go in peace!


Happy Christmas & Heavenly Peace

to You  from CCV Editor james kottoor

Christmas is God befriending us

 In Jesus through His loving embrace

             Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us in His friendly, loving, eternal, Embrace!





Just stay in the Warmth of  His

Brotherly, Friendly, Everlasting Embrace!

The CCV Editors


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