A world of  BLIND believers! Why? Original Sin: A  New Perspective!

Jacob Macwan, Mumabai

http://almayasabdam.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/James-Kottor.jpgWorld  is full of blind believers and few rational researchers, why? It is because, it is very easy to gulp down what is appealing to the senses. Rational search demands idealism and constant search to find reasons for accepting.

Thinks with sex organs?

Our friend Jacob presents one example of the first group. Creation story is one such, full of fanciful dreams. So it is said, one who is mad after eating and drinking  thinks with his stomach, a coward thinks with his feet—runs at the first sight of danger, a sexually crazy person thinks with his/her sexual organs etc.

So many of our biblical stories are such. There is no proof of any god having written the bible, yet all Christians swallow it in totto. Where is the proof of the  garden of Eden, proof of god walking in the Garden with naked Adama and Eve, proof god created satan – a good god creating an evil satan, how did the eating of fruit become an intercourse, who created the story of blame-game in the conversation between Adam and god, could satan impregnate Eve and produce Cain, then he should be doing it even now.

Not stupid stories?

You see how irrational and stupid are these Cock and bull stories! Still Christians delight in believing  such stories and doing more stupid things for themselves and others. When will reason dawn on majority of Christians to be led by the sure light REASON god (if there is a god) has given to all, each according to one’s need. A fire fly has only a little light and should not complain, it doesn’t have the light of the Sun. It has what is needed for it to live and flourish. So should all of us.

Think of Vayalar!

We entreat all Christians to stop believing baseless irrational stories, organised religions churn out in abundance  stories as their market product to dupe the credulous and steal from their hard earned money. Just think and meditate over the unforgettable song of Viyalar Ramavarma: “Man created religions, Religions created gods, Both men and gods confabulated and divided the Mother Eearth among themselves and what is worse Minds of humans among themselves (into competing religions).

I wrote about it my book ‘Womb to Tomb’ long ago. Give up once and for all, all organised religions and their Gods. They are like all organised parties, only for the sake of the bread and butter and posh living for the organisers. Let REASON rule your lives for the sake of your own happiness. james kottoor, editor CCV

Please read below Macwan’s article.

Jacob Macwan, Mumabai


Adam and Eve, the first parents of mankind were the magnum opus of God, and he had installed them in the garden of Eden for a comfortable stay. They were sill very innocent like little children—they were naked and knew it not, nor were they ashamed of it. God like a loving father was in regular communication with them  at the time of his evening walk in the garden.

At that time satan, the fallen angel was banished from heaven and was esconsed on the earth planning his diabolic schemes. We know that angels had the special powers toassume any form they desired. There is no record to suggest that fallen angels had forfeited those powers, satan was very jealous of mankind and was always looking for ways to disgrace man and to create trouble in the relationship between God and man. Considering Eve more vulnerable, he used to hang around near her in the form of a snake to keep an eye on her. Looking at the forbidden fruit he hit upon a masterstroke to inflict a double whammy on mankind.

So satan assumed the form of a handsome young man and set out to seduce Eve. Once when Adam was busy somewhere else satan in his disguise of a charming young man approached Eve and asked her innocently, “has god told you not to eat the fruit of any trees in this garden?” In her childlike innocence Eve replied, “ not at all. In fact he told us not to eat the fruit of the tree in the centre of the garden, not even to touch it. If we do we shall die."

“That’s absolutely false.” Satan interrupted her. “you will not die but your eyes will open. You will become like god and will know good from evil.” Then taking out a tempting fruit and holding it in his hand he said, "See, I have been eating it almost everyday and I am not only not dead but I can see how beautiful you are. I am sure that guy Adam never told you that. “take this,” he continued,” take a bite and you will know what good things you are missing. I promise you a divine joyful experience awaits you.” And he advanced towards her and with confidence embraced her. 

Blushingly Eve took the fruit in her hand and took a bite hesitatingly, but no sooner had she bit into the fruit  she became aware of the nakedness of them both and libido took over. The lushness and desirability of the fruit was just an analogy for the attraction and temptation for sexual union with the stranger and she succumbed. The satan took charge and guided her to take the fullest advantage of her first sexual adventure leading to her first orgasm. Satsfied with achieving his objective without a hitch, the satan quietly moved away from the scene. 

Eve called out to Adam and looking at him with renewed interest, gave him the fruit to eat and charmed him to eat it without apprehension. Adam complied and being aware of their nakedness, instinctively pulled her in an embrace and took his first steps into sexual  play,  

So it was sexual act indeed which was the cause of the Original sin after all, but not between Adam and Eve as is commonly believed, but the sin of adultery between Eve and satan in the form of a stranger. Poor Adam was nowhere near the scene of the crime when it was committed. In the evening, when god was on his rounds in the garden,instead of going forward to greet him as usual, both Adam and Eve  hid themselves on account of their nakedness and so their disobedience of eating the forbidden fruit became public ( I thought God was omniscient ).    

On interrogation by god, the man blamed the woman god had given to him ( apparently in a feeble attempt to pass on the blame to God himself if partly) and the woman blamed the snake (turned into a man). This is how the blame game started and is still being practiced with finesse. The first couple lost their innocence and god  had to turn a designer to stitch for them skinwear clothes before evicting them from the garden of Eden, with appropriate sentences pronounced for the culprits.

The story does not end there, however. Satan had impregnated Eve and in due course she gives birth to her first-born who was named Cain (seed of satan). Shortly thereafter she delivered  another son Abel ( from the sperm of Adam). But since Cain was not fathered by Adam, his name does not appear in genealogy of Adam although Cain was the firstborn of Eve. God being aware of the parentage of Cain and Abel, had a natural aversion towards Cain, which shows as a reaction to the offerings made by Cain, resulting into bad blood between Cain and Abel, ultimately  leading to the murder of Abel by Cain.

So sexual act was at the core of the original sin after all but not between Adam and Eve as is generally believed; it was the adulterous sexual union of Eve and satan in the disguise of a handsome stranger that outweiighed the severity of the offence of the disobedience of eating the forbidden fruit. The sin was committed by Eve and rightfully it is Eve alone who  is punishable. 

Poor Adam was falsely implicated although he was not even at the scene of the crime. And to punish not only Adam but also his descendants for all future generations endlessly is a travesty of justice. I am sure God being just and merciful, had declared amnesty for little children as Jesus said “ the kingdom of heaven belongs to innocent little children.” )Mt 19.14) The Catholic church must also take the cue, and discard the outrageous dogma of holding all new generations of mankind stigmatised by the original sin and condemned. 

Acknowledgment: This article is based on an idea  borrowed from a booklet titled ‘ The Mystery of God, Revelation 10.7’, presumably a collection of talks by evangelist  Bro. William Barnham published by www.themessage.com

After thought: In my humble opinion,even Eve deserves the benefit of doubt to escape the onus for the sin of adultery, being innocent like a little child, not being aware or ashamed of self nakedness and therefore presumably unaware of the nuances of the sexual intercourse. God equipped the bodies of Adam and Eve for procreation, in order to be able to fulfil his command to multiply and fill the earth, but failed to give them the users’ manual. 

Ironically it was left  for satan to give Eve a live demonstration of the process leading to conception and childbearing. As regards the adultery, the possibility of the existence of a man other than her husband Adam  not only in the garden but anywhere else on the earth was beyond Eve’s wildest imagination. Under the circumstances , theseverity ascribed to the original sin as a sexual sin instead of disobedience is akin to making a mountain out of a molehill.

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4 Responses

  1. God made vaginal intercourse. Satan made oral and anal sex. I believe the evidence will prove that oral sex was the sin in Eden. Adam and Eve had no one to sin with except each other. Romans 1:28-31 describes men with men and all those who give up the natural use of the body to do that which is not natural. This includes all the sexually perverse: same-sex partners and heterosexual partners married or unmarred who engage in oral and anal sex.

    This scripture goes on to tell us what comes out of the minds of those given to the sex forbidden by God. “Being filled with” means their minds are filled with the list of evils that is then listed. Below is the list of what fills the minds of those given to unnatural sex.

    When the peoples of earth do not understand the third chapter of Genesis, the story of Adam and Eve, and the sin that was forbidden for each and every one of us we cannot understand God, goodness, holiness, or the rest of the Bible. 
    You may also check my blog about <p><a href="https://www.alawfromeden.com/original-sin/">Original Sin</a></p>
    Hope this will also enlighten us. Thank


  2. Abraham Koothottil says:

    Behind the story of Adam and  Eve and their sin stands the primitive men's reflection on the fact of death. They could not accept death as a natural fact . So they created stories to explain that men and women were immortal in creation, but death came through a fall which is sin.  All men and women are mortal because all inherit this sin–original sin. That is why Mary who was freed from the original sin did not die, but taken to heaven without dying. Actually, theology is nothing but enlargement of some basic myths through imagination and exhilaration.

  3. Abraham Koothottil says:

    Behind the story of Adam and  Eve and their sin stands the primitive men's reflection on the fact of death. They could not accept death as a natural fact . So they created stories to explain that men and women were immortal in creation, but death came through a fall which is sin.  All men and women are mortal because all inherit this sin–original sin. That is why Mary who was freed from the original sin did not die, but taken to heaven thot dying. Actually, theology is nothing but enlargement of some basic myths through imagination and exhilaration.

  4. Job Xavier says:

    I am all for those who can laugh at all religions as religions are invented by man and has led to maximum destruction of the human race.

    My best take on the original sin is a joke I read which said that none would have to suffer the idea of original sin if the Chinese were the first male and female, they would then have eaten the snake and there would have been no more troubles for mankind.

    I love the practicality of this approach and hope more people realise the folly of blind belief in all religious teachings.

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