Union minister Giriraj Singh calls for mass sterilisation to control India’s population


Sterilize after demonitisation, bjp MP – HT Correspondent ,Hindustan Times,  4/12/16 

Union minister Giriraj Singh said India has 16% of world’s population, and continues to add to it at a high rate.

James Kottor(Note: Sterilization is always remembered with Sanjay Gandi in Indira Gandhi’s time. Like him Giriraj Singh is proving himself to be a controversial figure even among the BJP. He makes himself clear that he is an RSS pracharak to the core and  also anti-Muslim which is unbecoming for a minister.               

All can agree with him when he says that India needs population control and successive governments were popularizing the catch phrase: “We are two, for us two,”  which makes no distinction for various communities. It is also true Muslims in general are producing children without control. Commenting on uncontrolled production prompted even Pope Franis to tell Catholics in Philippines that they should not be producing like rabbits.

In the case of Muslims, polygamy and Talak are the reasons for having many children. Both these practices are now seriously criticized in the country. But there is no basis at all  when Singh advocates that Hindus should have more children, which only betrays his communal bias and mindset. james kottoor, editor)

Union minister Giriraj Singh on Sunday said after notebandi’ (demonetisation), there is an urgent need to make laws for ‘nasbandi’ (sterilisation) in the country.The minister of state for micro, small and medium enterprises had advocated sterilisation to control population growth at a function in his parliamentary constituency Nawada on Saturday.

Singh said the India needs a strong population control act including sterilisation as the country was facing a population boom impeding development and social stability. “If Malaysia and Indonesia can make the law, then there must be a strict law. The nation won’t progress without population control. There must be a balance. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians — all must have at least one to two children. Those who don’t follow, their voting rights must be revoked,” Singh had said earlier.

“India has 17 % of the world population and adds population equal to Australia each year. The country only has 2.5% of land mass of the globe with only 4.2% of water resources. In this scenario, the population explosion in the country is proving to be a big roadblock for development. We need population control act to tide over the problem,” he said.

Singh is the second senior BJP leader in Bihar who has advocated sterilisation after demonetisation. Last week, former union minister and senior BJP leader Sanjay Paswan said sterilisation will help control the population of the country.

Singh told HT that he had been advocating the same for a long time as it was the need of the hour to control population growth. He, however, insisted that it would be wrong to link his support for sterilisation as directed against any particular community emphasising that population control measures were in practice in many countries.

According to another report in Hindustan Times, last March he had also said: “There is a need to increase population of Hindus in the country. They should take this issue seriously as their population has been decreasing in eight states in the country,”  adding, “Muslims population has increased from mere 10 per cent at the time of India’s independence in 1947 to 24 per cent now and Hindus population has decreased from 90 per cent in 1947 to 76 per cent now.” The MoS is considered a hardliner in his party and his controversial statements have raised eyebrows and embarrassed the BJP before.

In October this year, the minister of state had said Hindus should seriously consider increasing their population in the country by producing more children. He then recalled that none other than RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had advised Hindus in August last year to produce more children and said no laws can prevent them from reproducing more children.

He had also proposed to revoke the voting rights of people with more than two children to control population, in April earlier this year.

During the 2014 parliamentary poll campaign, Singh courted controversy when he said that critics of the then BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi should go to Pakistan.



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  1. Denis Daniel says:

    Giriraj ji must concentrate on rural India. In the cities almost all educated families, irrespective of their caste, community or religion are practising family planning. Instead of spreading hatred and divisionon in the nation, he must be guided by reason and amity.

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