Nagaland minister regrets over decline in Christian principles

Source: Matters India

Kohima – Nagaland Minister for National Highways and Mechanical Engineering Nuklutoshi expressed his unhappiness on the fast decline of Christian spirit and the principles among the Naga people.

He said only a small percent of Naga people lived as true Christian while sizeable number them did not even go to the Church to worship, reported

After attending a grand New Year program for the Aos living in and around Delhi organized by the Ao Baptist Church at Delhi on Thursday, the Minister, while talking to NEPS over phone, agreed that the Naga people were not serious with God and they continued to ignore the warning of God. “The Naga people will earn rather curse than blessing if we don’t return to the path of God,” the Minister said urging the Nagas to be true Christian rather than remaining a namesake Christian.

Stating that it was high time for the Naga people to worship God faithfully, Nuklutoshi asserted that they should stop being Christian only inside the Church “for one hour.” “We should change from such spiritual hypocrisy,” he said adding that even in the Bible, God did not like people with hypocrisy.

Wishing the Naga people wherever they live a very happy and prosperous New Year, the Minister called upon the people of Nagaland to make a promise to follow the resolutions they make more strictly and achieve what they truly desire in their life. Along with all the new hopes and promises that the New Year would bring Hope it also brings them a lot more opportunities to work together, he added.

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