Don’t forget duties while rejoicing over rights: Archbishop Moras

Bengaluru: (Story By: Adolf Washington – Matters India) Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore has urged Indians to remember their obligation while rejoicing in their rights as free citizens of an independent nation.

“While we thank God for the constitutional rights our nation has given us, we must never forget our obligations in contributing to the further development of this country,” the archbishop said after hoisting the national flag at an Independence Day function at the Archbishop’s Residence.

Several priests, including some on wheelchairs, nuns and visitors attended the function on Saturday morning.

Archbishop Moras, who is also the president of the local unit of the ecumenical United Christian Forum for Human Rights, said each Indian has “a great role to play” in spreading the message of peace and harmony among people of all religions in whatever way they can. “God has rested this responsibility upon our shoulders,” he added.

The Catholic prelate also said he joined the gathering to salute the nation for the amount of progress it has made over the decades. “There is still a long way to go in uplifting this country to greater heights,” he added.

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