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This short post came to us in the cover of a letter to the editor. Anybody who goes through this gospel of truth will admit that this is more than a letter to somebody. These all are facts quite summerized, as usual. Thank you Varghese sir. Please continue sharing your knowledge with us. Joseph mattappallu (asso. editor CCV)

George Nedumparambil has proposed a 5th gospel in addition to the four Canonical gospels. He may not in the know that many gospels, known as Gnostic Gospels,  predating the gospels recognised by the Church do exist. 

The list:

(1) The Gospel of Thomas, in coptic language, discovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1947,

(2). The Gospel of Mary of Mary Magdalene, which came to light in Cairo in 1896,

(3) The gospel. of Judas, carbon dated to 280 CE and published in early 2006. The other gospels: 

(4) The Gospel of Philip,

(5) The Gospel of the Nazarenes,

(6) The Gospel of Ebionites,

(7)The Gospel According  to the Hebrews,

(8) The Gospel According to the Egyptians,

(9)The Unknown Gospel,

(10)  The Gospel of Peter,

(11) The Gospel of Mary,

(12) The Gospel of Truth,

(13) The Gospel of the Saviour,

(14) The Protogospel of James,

(15) The Secret Gospel of Mark,  and

(16) The Infancy Gospel of Thomas.

In addition, other lost scriptures too exist. Incidentally I have copies of all the above gospels except that of Judas. 

The other scriptures, I am aware of are, — The Sophia of Jesus Christ, The Apocalypse of the Great Power, The Secret Book According to St. John I, II & III, Human Suffering, The Greatest Human Evil is Forgetfulness of God, Thunder, and Poimandres. 

Never ever think that the Christianity cobbled up by Constantine, is a religion of brotherhood and charity. It has been a violent, blood thirsty, predatory religion always  hunting down ruthlessly those who did not toe its lines. 

The brutal massacre (21-22 July 1209) of innocents, the Albigensian “crusade” called by Pope “Innocent” III against Cathars, a peaceful, nonviolent, vegetarians, was a dastardly crime against humanity. The entire 20,000 population of the city of Beziers; infants, children, the elderly and women, the sick, the disabled, all were wiped out, under the orders of the inquisitor, the auricular confession introducer, Pope Innocent III, in cold blood, with the  papal legate Abbot of Citeaux, shouting in frenzy, “slaughter them all”.

The other crusades against the Cathars; “Battle of Murat (September 12, 1213, Battle of Toulouse (1217-1218).

The credulous “sheep” may better be aware of the blood stained history of the “Holy (?) Catholic Church? and the “Most (Unholy) Popes”. It will do a world of good, they stop lapping up the utter lies and propaganda, dished out through Shalom, Shekinah and other similar TV channels. The goings on  are worse than the pornographic “bare all” “Shakkila”  shows) with sexual gyrations. The pre-paid , zombie characters mouthing inanities, howling like jackals. They seem to beat the rare stone age people worshipping skulls. Is it not a sensible thing to worship a “wheat wafer”an encased in a golden container as the Christian God. Is not God a formless “Entity” unmoved and unmovable by the frenzied chanting, singing, dancing and howling, accompanied by wild gesticulating maddening crowd. Is it not a mockery that some people behave like jokers (“komarangal”) in this age of scientific and intellectual environment?

Instead, why not wipe out the tears of the sick, the disabled and give some water to the thirsty and morsels of food to the hungry, as Jesus the Human being did? Why not help  those who suffer, lift up those have fallen for no fault of theirs? Such gestures call for the “milk of human empathy and kindness?

Beware looters, K.P. Yohannan fate is awaiting them.

Varghese Pamplanil. 

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