Behaviour of Pro Nuncio Salvatore Pennacchio – an example of how hierarchy treat the laity

Posted on April 26, 2017 by The Voice Of Bombay's Catholic Laity                      

James kottoor(Note: This is an example of the way hierarchy treats the laity. The writer is the Editor of Voice of Bombay Laity. Vertical and   horizontal dialogue is expected to be the normal norm in the church. But  experience of advocate Arcamgo editor Voice of Bombay laity tells a different story. The experience of CCV also has been the same. How are we to go forward to improve the present situation? Your suggestions please. james kottoor, editor)

Salvatore Pennacchio  was appointed as Pro nuncio to India on 8 May 2010  and was Pro nuncio in India till 6 Aug 2016. During his long term in India, I in particular and many others sent him a number of e mails.

I must say he is one of the most uncouth persons I have interacted with in my life and is not fit to be a diplomat much less a man of Jesus. Despite being a diplomat he never acknowledged a single mail of mine.

I then tried to phone up his office on several occasions and his staff a lady with a south Indian accent used to tell me he is not available. After that she used to put me on hold in order that my money gets wasted and after a number of days some man with a foreign accent  came on the line and when I told him about his staffs behavior which was obviously being done under instructions, he told me that he would inform the police to which I was forced to tell him that I too can call the police and that if he was a diplomat he would not be able to indulge in any religious activities in the country.

What I would like to highlight is that we have people who call themselves the representatives of the Jesus and the Pope but their behavior is highly uncouth and they behave like businessmen who are not religious, but heads of commercial enterprises.

As a Priest one should be humble . Salvatore Pennachio was a person who had time to be entertained by artists who flew down from Goa and specially entertained him privately at Archbishops House but did not have time to acknowledge a single mail of mine.

In fact he was one person who did nothing in Mumbai. A number of Priests told me before hand that nothing would be done because the complaints were against his friends.

If this is the sort of the behavior of someone who is the Popes representative then indeed it is a very bad reflection of things to come in the future.

What takes the cake is that only certain people were rewarded with all sorts of titles and medals. There are thousands of Catholics who do more social work in India but have not been conferred any title or medals. They are more deserving but were not rewarded any medals for reasons best known to Salavatore Pennacchio.

For the information of the public I am attaching a link to show name of religious cardinals and bishops  who are free masons.

List of Masons in the Roman Catholic Church | THE LAITYTUDE…/list-of-masons-in-the-roman-catholic-church/

Jun 3, 2010 – A List of Masons in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church The following … Pope John Paul II – voted in by a Freemason (Baggio) and handed the … 

I hope that this list is updated so that more and more religious are exposed. While we welcome the new Pro Nuncio we hope that he does not behave like his predecessor. ..Adv. A. M.Sodder

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