AAP’s mighty fall in Delhi Hazare says Kejriwal has lost credibility; Yadav trashes ‘faulty EVM’ claims

 Cover Photo: Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare said there was a difference between AAP’s “words and actions” which led to their defeat (HT FILE). 


Yogesh Joshi, in Hindustan Times, Apr 26, 2017

With AAP facing rout in MCD elections, Arvind Kejriwal’s former colleagues Anna Hazare, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan raised questions about the party leadership.


James kottoor(Note: ‘Pride goes before a fall’ it is said. Here the pride was so great and so too was the fall of Kejri. He rose to name and fame on the shoulders of  Anna Hazare and other honest and respectable people in public life.                    

                      Anna Hazare’s honesty, credibility  and dedication to a public cause cast a heavenly halo to make AAP easily acceptable to the public. Prashant Bhushan and  Yogendra Yadav were the real brains behind the party. Once they were sacked all honest people who joined the party snapped connections forthwith.

                      For instance this scribe, 82, who could never convince himself of  joining any of India’s corrupt parties, was persuaded by the example of Anna Hazare to make  the first blunder in politics of joining AAP. He had also written many articles on Anna and campaigned for AAP. But the moment Kejri sacked Prashant and Yadav, he quit instantly and wrote no more.

CCV (www.almayasabdam.com)  is a Global Portal uniting people of goodwill around the world and as such it sends its good wishes to the “Swaraj India” of Prashant and Yadav, since AAP seems to have gone beyond redemption due to its present leader. CCV can never support him. james kottoor, editor) .


Following the crushing defeat of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi municipal elections, Arvind Kejriwal’s former Jan Lokpal movement allies — Anna Hazare, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan — blamed the party leadership for failing to live up to expectations and losing mandate within a short period of time. The BJP swept the elections on Wednesday while AAP and Congress were a distant second and third, respectively.

Swaraj India co-founders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan took to Twitter trashing AAP’s allegations of EVM tapering. “No point blaming EVM for MCD rout. AAP must realise that this is because they betrayed the promise of clean,transparent,accountable politics,” Bhushan tweeted.

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare also questioned Kejriwal’s leadership on Wednesday saying the party has lost credibility. He said there was a difference between AAP’s “words and actions” which led to their defeat. “Unki kathni aur karni mein bahut antar hai,” Hazare told reporters in Ralegan Siddhi adding that Kejriwal had promised not to take official residence but availed every benefit from the government.


Observation by Prashant Bhushan

Prashant BhushanNo point blaming EVM for MCD rout. AAP must realise that this is because they betrayed the promise of clean, transparent, accountable politics tweeted, Prashant Bhushan.

On several occasions in the past, Hazare has been critical of the Delhi CM. “People’s expectations had gone up when AAP entered politics. However, AAP’s credibility went down very soon,” Hazare said.

He also criticised AAP leaders for alleging that the EVMs had been tampered with. “The party leaders did not prove allegations of EVM tampering even after the Election Commission asked them to give proof of the allegations,” Hazare said.

The social activist further said that AAP should have focused on governance in Delhi after people gave a huge mandate to the party. “Instead of focusing on governance in Delhi, Kejriwal and his colleagues became over ambitious and started focusing on Punjab, Goa and Gujarat. Finally, the voters of Delhi taught them a lesson.”



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