Let not  Miracle cure trap you!  By Ben Knight

Indian Catholic priest who claims  parents' sins cause autism in  children cancels Australia tour! PHOTO: Father Dominic Valanmanal claims to have cured autism. (Facebook: Father Dominic Valanmanal)

http://almayasabdam.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/James-Kottor.jpgNote: This is not to find fault with anyone, but to caution all well-meaning, but too pious and credulous simple faithful, against “crooked preachers” or shepherds in wolf’s clothing, who come around promising miralcle cures for a price, reportedly $ 400/- per person in retreats in which thousands are expected to participate.  

100 x 400? Money speaks!

Reportedly he has been making good harvest  in Ireland, Australia and Canada. In all these places he has been officially banned, says reports. Now he is is scheduled to conduct a three-day Bible convention in Chantilly, VA 20151 from August 30, 2019 to September 01, 2019. All we can say is: “Cave, cadas!” Take care that you don’t trip-up and fall. 

Sri. Chackochan Kalarical, President of Kerala Catholic Church Reformation Movement North America (KCRMNA) is a very dependable news source, who can be trusted. So I don’t repeat here  what you are going to read in his report below.  james kottoor, editor CCV.

Please read below

warnings from KCRMNA President! 

Sri. Chacko Kalarickal

Dear James,

Please publish the attached with your valuable editorial4 comment. I really appreciate it very much.Thank you. Regards,

Chacko Kalarickal


Kerala Catholic Church Reformation Movement North America

3981 NW 88 Terrace, Cooper City, FL 33024-8747


Office of the Inspector General/MAIL STOP 0305

Department of Homeland Security,245 Murray Lane SW

Washington, DC 20528-0305


It has come to our attention that Fr. Dominic Valanmanal, a Catholic priest from India, is scheduled to conduct a three-day Bible convention in Chantilly, VA 20151 from August 30,2019 to  September 01, 2019.

This priest rose to notoriety when he preached against parents of children afflicted with autism.In his sermon, he lashed out that the parents who indulge in alcohol, drugs, cigarettes,pornography, adultery, masturbation, or homosexuality are bound to have children with autism.

C:\Users\dell\Downloads\PHOTO-2019-07-19-22-45-04 (4).jpg

Seen above is a publicity poster

He continued by saying they lead an animal-like life; they copulate like animals; they bear children like animals; and children also will be like animals. The parents of the autistic children came forward to stop this priest at first. They were hurt. They were humiliated. People are outraged by his hate speeches.

 He continues to conduct retreats and he claims that he cured children with autism through prayers.Fr.Valanmanal has 

seriously hurt the sentiments of a lot of god-fearing and law-abiding citizens with his inhumane, atrocious, andtotally baseless accusations.

Fr. Valanmanal was scheduled for healing retreats in the Calgary Diocese of Canada, Diocese of Ireland, and Diocese of Australia. Parents of the autistic children and their supporters petitioned

to the church authorities and to the respective governments to stop those retreats. 

The church hierarchy rose to the occasion and cancelled his conventions in those countries. Since the news of the retreat scheduled in Virginia broke out, people are getting agitated. It has also come to our attention that people have started a signature campaign against said convention.

We request that you review our petition and take the necessary steps to stop Fr. Dominic Valanmanal from conducting retreats in America. Your immediate attention and necessary action in this matter is very much appreciated because otherwise, it will create a huge division in the community and there is fear that the event may lead to a law and order situation.

Should you require any further information or clarification in this matter, please feel free to contact me ckalarickal10@hotmail.com or (586-601-5195).Sincerely yours, 

Chacko Kalarickal, KCRMNA President.

cc. Vatican Nuncio to the USA

President, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Major Archbishop, Syro Malabar Church

Bishop, St. Thomas Syro Malabar Diocese of Chicago

American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

An Indian Catholic priest who claims to have "cured" autism through prayer and compared autistic children to "animals", has cancelled a planned series of religious retreats in Australia.

Key points:

  • Father Dominic Valanmanal was due to hold a sold-out retreat on Phillip Island and another in Canberra

  • The Indian Catholic community in Australia hails largely from the Indian state of Kerala, where Father Valanmanal is based

  • A campaign to stop his visit was backed by Autism support groups

Father Dominic Valanmanal was recently forced to cancel similar events in Ireland and Canada, after a video clip appeared online showing him preaching that autism in children was caused by the vice of their parents.

"Adultery, masturbation, homosexuality, porn — if you are addicted to these, I say to you in the name of God … when you get married and have children, there is a high possibility of bearing these type of children," he said in the video. "They lead an animal-like life. They copulate like animals. They bear children like animals. Therefore those children also, will be like animals." 

Father Valanmanal — who claims to have "cured" two children in Ireland of autism — had sold out a five-day retreat on Philip Island in September, in which he charged around $400 per person to attend.He also had another event scheduled in Canberra.But yesterday the tour was cancelled.

A member of Melbourne's Indian Catholic community, and the father of an autistic teenager, Binoy Zacharias said "he should never have been invited in the first place".Mr Zacharias led the campaign against the priest's visit. "A lot of people urge me to take my son along to his retreats so that he can be treated," he said."It makes me very sad. When he says he has removed autism as an evil spirit from families, people take it seriously." 

Australia's Indian Catholic community hails largely from the south Indian state of Kerala, where Father Valanmanal is based, and has historically included a large number of health professionals."That's what makes the acceptance of his views on autism so upsetting," said Linton Thomas, who is a member of the community in Bendigo and also a social worker.

"It's so sad that they are educated people who are taken in by this. And they are the people who will be taking their children along to these retreats hoping for a miracle cure."

Last month, the Bishop of Calgary cancelled Father Valanmanal's permission to lead a retreat in Canada after community members raised concerns, before apologising and promising a review of the diocese's internal processes.

The campaign against the priest's visit to Australia drew support from the Rationalist Society and the autism advocacy organisation Amaze, both of which wrote to the Archbishop of Melbourne, Peter Comensoli, to raise concerns.

Amaze chief executive Fiona Sharkie told the ABC she was pleased the visit has been cancelled, calling the priest's views "stigmatising, highly offensive and entirely inaccurate. Our principal concern is the toll on autistic people, their families and carers, his claims will create if he is provided a public platform," Ms Sharkie said.

The leader of the Australian Syro-Malabar church — a branch of the Catholic church — Bishop Bosco Puthur, told the ABC Father Valan- manal's views were "not the position of the Catholic church"."That is my position also," Bishop Puthur said.  

For more information and details Check the liks below:


Ireland to cancel invite to Kerala Catholic priest who compared autistic kids to animals | The News Minute

– https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/ireland-cancel-invite-kerala-catholic-priest-who-compared-autistic-kids-animals-103305


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  1. George Nedumparambil says:

    I thought that I spotted a squint in both his eyes.  Perhaps he was speaking from his own experience of having forced to carry a tell tale remnant of consequences of sins purported to have been  committed by his parents!  It is appallingly disgracefull that the so called literate Malayalees in Kerala listen to his bullshit and it was left to NRiIs to expose him.  Incidentally there are supporters on YouTube quoting from old testament.  If Catholics go back to old testament then they will only have time to stone violators of Sabbath to death for as silly a crime as collecting fire wood ( now gas cylinder) on a Sabbath day.   Please Malayalee Catholics do not shut off your thinking faculties when in church or at  a convention and start challenging rubbish being dished out there by preachers. 

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