Who Destroys Indian Christian Families? Peddlers of Pure Blood: Deadly Virus

Dr James Kottoor wrote this article and it was posted in Church Citizens' Voice a few days back. Since then, people from all corners have been writing their views in this matter. Arch Bishop Mar Bharanikulangara also is of the view that endogamy is a cancer which is eating the spirit of the Church. It seems that Indian Catholics generally believe that the Church administration is in wrong hands. "Their beatitudes should be thoroughly humiliated before the next synod so that they should hesitate to present themselves in Vatican. Whatever the bishops receive here from the thinking laity should also be sent to the Pope. Our bishops should feel afraid of looking at the face of the Pontiff." so wrote a popular writer, Shri Zac Nedunkanal. For those who are late, we give the link to the article. Kindly Click here – Editor    

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