What is the secret of being happy? (never before, so beautifully elaborated) – Dr James Kottoor

james Kottoor

There is no such secret! To be content with what you have alone is continued feast, they say. But our minds are restless until we capture that complete happiness which is always, not one step but many steps ahead of what we can even touch remotely! So it is always an impossible rat race, an exercise in futility? 

Then what? Give up all desires? That can be done only when we become mindless persons, created by a mindless God? Such a god also can’t exist either! So atheists alone are the happiest? But humans convincecd of being rational, one step above animals, can’t settle for that either! So the delema will continue till our death! 

So shall we wait till we find out  if there is something after death? That is where I have reached after 86 years of honest search! So do help me please, if you have better LIGHT! And my thanks in advance!

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