Weeds growing with wheet? Mysore Bishop Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Murder!

In Matters India, Newsletter – June 10, 2020.

 http://almayasabdam.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/James-Kottor.jpgThis report is from Matters India, Delhi including 3 reactions. The question it raises is what CCV raised more than one year ago after the Chile scandal: “Why not a repeat the Chile investigation, cleansing of temple, in India?” Becase according to our reckoning the situation in India was and still is worse than those in Chile. 

In Chile Francis Pappa found that almost the whole of Chile Episcopate was complicit and all of them finally resigned. Francis accepted the resignations of one or two and the cleansing there is still going on. 

Chile Clergy sex cleansing

The cases in Chile were first Clegy sex, then looting church money, power-craze and a whole lot connected with ‘criminal silence, criminal cover-up and criminal climb-up, all of which CCV discussed at length in the last one year.

We almost came to the conclustion, the Catholic church, especially the Syromalabar variety, is beyond reform or renewal since it has become a ‘Constantine church’ from the 3rd century; refer to Chicago address Aug.10th last year. 

Weed & Weat to grow together!

So now what? Allow both the weeds and wheat to grow and flourish together? Since reform is impossible the buzz word today is REINVENT. Our suggestion was to dump it in the dustbin of history or in the Arabian sea or Pacific ocean! 

Second option is to allow the ‘Weeds and wheet to grow together’ as it has the biblical base for diehard blind believers and unstoppable biblical preachers. Remenber, bible itself is manmade and written backwards to suit time,  place and people! 

Third option, Ekam Sat!

What is the way forward? None of the above suggestions! But the final realization: “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti!”: Swami Vivekananda defines it thus: “The essence of Vedanta is that there is but one Being and that every soul is that Being in full, not a part of that Being.” The truth is one, but the sages (or learned ones) call it by many names or describe it as  many paths. IRA


Vedanta is not about believing or disbelieving  but knowing  by  seeking  the absolute truth. No assumption required beforehand about something which we do not know.  Therefore vedanta motivates and guides you to find out the reality of yourself first , the one who believes and validates. 

Know Thyself first!

Vedanta thus says: “ATMANAM VIDDHI” (Know the self), when the true self is known which is unconditioned by any description, the individual self is found to be non-existent.

When the first person individual(ego) ceases to exist the other individuals separate from the first person, the individual also cease to exist which previously appeared to be existing, due to the existence of the independent individual at the first place. Therefore the knower of the self being free from all limitations caused by the illusion of mind sees & says: “Guru, God and Self all one,” says Ramanna Maharshi.

No Sin or Virtue?

Few lessons: there is nothing called ‘sin and virtue’;  we use or become useful to people from birth to death. During this time the only RULE that rules the roost is: CHAGE alone is the unchanging law of nature or reason(Newman). Vivekanada said, Jesus is the visible image of invisible God. Narayana Guru put into practice, the practice of religion as living the humane humanity of the SON OF MAN. 

Other enlightened minds like Einstine  and Shopen Hover said there is nothing called God or freedom, only determinism. Pliny the Elder said, "there is only one thing certain, viz. that there is nothing certain." Jesus was not certainly the ultimate ANSWER-MAN, but more like the Great Questioner. Why? Because in the gospels, Jesus is reported to have asked 307 questions while he was asked 183 of which he only answers 3.

Biggest Wonder?

The greatest wonder in this world is ‘you and me’, each divided individuals. This is due to MAYA which ought to disappear to realize we are one with the Supreme, we are gods, “I and the Father are one” as Jesus said or as Vedanta says, each soul is one with “that soul Being in full, not a part of that Being.”

So  forget about  clergy sex scandals in  Kerala, B’lore, India — all exercises in futility. Instead change outselves for the better. First thing to do is stop going to churches and listening to their preaching without practice. That will stop easy cash flow for clergy sex and posh living without sweating. 

At the same time react to CCV, as we could be wrong on many counts, as the public is doing to Matters India. Our posts are sent to all Indian bishops. who will continue hiding in their criminal silence to succumb to a slow death hopefully!  

God exists apart from you?

Just imitate the raging Jesus against the pharisaic priestly class. We may have to die as Jesus had to! From death a new resurrected life may come. Does God exist besides you? Find out! Another philosophical-theological article by a bishop is coming next! james kottoor, editor ccv.

Please read below Matters India, report on Mysore diocese bishop! 

Bengaluru, June 8, 2020: Former Bombay High Court Judge Justice Micheal Saldanha has accused Bishop K A William of murder, sexual misconduct and corruption by “letting loose a virtual reign of terror” in his Mysore diocese.

On May 29, Justice Saldanha had sent a legal notice to Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) President Cardinal Oswald Gracias.

He had also sent the legal notice to Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore and Bishop William. Justice Saldanha also accused Archbishop Machado of colluding and covering up murders allegedly committed by Bishop William, Mid Day reported. 

Cardinal Gracias, who is also the Archbishop of Bombay, was also copied on the legal notice that read as, “Following the deaths of four priests – two murders, one hanging and one accident, the Bishop of Mysore has let loose a virtual reign of terror in the Diocese.” 

Addressing the alleged corruption part of it, the notice stated, “He has used the underworld mafia and protection from the local police… it has already resulted in as much as 23 percent of the Catholic laity leaving the Church. For the last one year, this man has been asked to leave, but he defiantly carries on terrorizing.”

According to Justice Saldanha, Bishop Machado has ignored 17 written complaints “fully backed by evidence,” all of which have come from “men of credibility,” a majority of them being priests.

Justice Saldanha has also accused Bishop William of calling an urgent meeting on a 12-hour notice to pronounce a transfer order against 37 priests, who had complained to Rome about his alleged involvement in criminal offences, misappropriation of  funds and sexual misconduct. 

The notice read, “and in three minutes, pronounced a transfer order, which can be defined as revenge transfers targeting the priests who had complained against him, and sending eminent scholars to remote villages where there is not even drinking water.”

Earlier several parishes had filed complaints to Pope Francis against Bishop William accusing him of practicing factionalism, favoritism, illegal parenthood, sexual liaisons and corruption.

Bishop William, along with Father Leslie Moras, was involved in the 2019 Mysore Church sex scandal when a woman, who worked in their church, had accused them of seeking sexual favors.

Speaking to Mid-day, Justice Saldanha said that he had spoken to all the 37 priests, who are the complainants and can vouch for their credibility.

“There has been unabated womanizing by this man and evidence has been produced. There are also instance of him defaulting on church money. Each time he had a problem with a woman, there were large payoffs.” Melwyn Fernandes, secretary of Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC), who has been trying to highlight Bishop William’s alleged misbehavior for a year, told Mid Day, “There are allegations of murders of priests being camouflaged as accidents. I call upon the Archbishop of Bangalore Peter Machado and CBCI President Cardinal Oswald Gracias to immediately suspend the Bishop of Mysore and to get the police to institute a high-level inquiry into the murders of innocent priests, as well as the transfers.” (https://www.deccanherald.com/national/former-high-court-justice-accuses-bishop-of-mysore-of-sexual-misconduct-murder-846778.html)


https://scontent.fcok4-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-1/cp0/p48x48/80390521_1044913155846629_3184990164363509760_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&_nc_sid=dbb9e7&_nc_ohc=czFEBaDb2DIAX9rAjOZ&_nc_ht=scontent.fcok4-1.fna&oh=7228efbf00e7e80a800bdd2c7f3443cf&oe=5F0530B9George Nedumparambil

Catholic Church styles itself as "Holy Catholic and Apostelic Church. How much of Holiness is left in it is anybody's guess. Blind believers are totally responsible for whatever is happening to the church. The bishops run their affairs as kings answerable to no one even to themselves. Finance must get into the hands of a committee comprised of both laity, nuns and priests. Bishops should not have exclusive domain on church funds.

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Karen Couto DSouza

It is strange that Joyson speaks of one murder that may not have met its legal course. In this case the world famous Justice Saldanha is speaking of atrocities by the number – misapporpriation of funds, sexual misconduct, a bishop fathering a child and transferring his car to his woman friend – wife???!!! Would you still call this maligning of someone's name or a fact???!!!
The only way of proving him innocent is by way of a DNA conducted not within the jurisdiction of his influence.

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Joyson Mathew

What about the murder of Fr. K. J Thomas who was rector of St. Peter's Pontifical seminary. All the accused priests had some connection to Mysore diocese. There may be some good priests there but many of them are known to have play politics in the name of language and caste. If adequate disciplinary action was taken against these corrupt priests things would not have happened. Maligning the bishop and spreading slander are tactics played by these priests with vested interests. Some lay people are misguided by these priests . Hope a Vatican enquiry will be conducted about the activities of these priests and their intentions of creating divisions.

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