Wake up  the sleeping  giant: Laity!

Priests protest Indian cardinal Returned to diocese! 1.5K84

Cardinal George Alencherry of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church at Mass in St. Peter's Basilica on Oct. 12, 2014. Credit: Lauren Cater/CNA.

http://almayasabdam.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/James-Kottor.jpgNote: Stale news! News is not news if it is not new! Why do you still publish this news. (Ad quid perdisio hoc?) You may ask and quite rightly! 

Jesus was tried and tested in the highest court of the land and of the times and was found innocent, therefore he was crucified to be buried and forgotten! Is he not more alive than dead today?,  is my counter question and why? 

Think of Abhaya!

Truth is mighty and it will go on asserting itself until it is accepted by force of conviction and more and more proof! People without conviction cannot and will not see it triumph! Could crores of money spent and years of court fight, succeed to squash Abhaya case? 

Now it is a case of a Cardinal and a Bishop, one caught in a financial whirlpool and the other in the Augean sex stable! The whole world know of the details of the cases ad nauseam. So the local press has almost given up repeating in despair. But not the CNA(Catholic News Agency) because it says, it is committed to finding, reporting and publishing the truth since it knows Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the life. 

Vatican verdict & suspension of Auxiliaries

It is for the same reason why,  we (CCV) publish it because what matters for us  is the TRUTH of Jesus, not any church or churchmen, high or low, who has no standing with the TRUTH of Jesus, crushed on the cross of money or sex. Didn’t the 2018 Vatican commission say that Cardinal Alencherry “should absolutely not be involved” in any decisions? 

Didn’t  “450 priests, including 70 from outside of India, began a hunger strike and prayer vigil” to protest Alencherry’s reinstatement and the continued suspension of the two auxiliary bishops? Think of the two auxiliaries, dismissed without giving any reason what so ever to this day after so many days. 

Mulakkal’s nun-rape issue

“Bishop Mulakkal was formally charged with raping the nun nine times over a two-year period and faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, local authorities announced in April.”  He is now on bail, while the case against him is going on. “The charge sheet against Mulakkal included statements from more than 80 witnesses including a cardinal, three bishops, 11 priests and 25 nuns,” in which also Cardinal Alancherry is deeply involved. 

Yet when CCV reported the critical comments of two well-known writers, TJS George and Valson Thampu, he had the audacity and arrogance to ask: “I am Bishop Franko (good that he did not say rape accused bishop) why are you using uncharitable words? The phrase crooked bishop was used by TJS George. 

Really rotten in Ernakulam?

Based on these two grounds we are forced to say that something is really rotten in the land of’ Ernakulam-Ankamaly diocese and if these two  prelates are able to go around the world “pecocking and accepting salutations from the public without any sense of shame, the whole blame has to be put on an irresponsible laity here ready to dance to their tunes! 

Allegiance to Cattle-shed born only

As for this  scribe, I have cut off a all wheelings and dealings with these bishops and their Churches after giving my body to a medical college some 10 years ago. My allegiance today is wholly to the cattle-shed born Jesus alone who cannot be locked up in any tabernacles or cathedrals of this world. The sleeping giant, the laity should be made to  wake up and take such a firm stand. Nothing short of such a stand can remedy the present rotten situation in Kochi.  

Generals without army!

Any one ready for a such a stern action? If not just forget about any change in the present shameful stinking situation! What can a few generals do without an army to fight? Long live the worship of the ‘golden calf and free sex’  in the land of Kerala! james kottoor,  editor CCV.

Please read below a report of Catholic News Agency on Kerala 

Ernakulam, India, Jul 24, 2019 / 06:00 pm (CNA).- Catholic priests are reportedly protesting Pope Francis’ reinstatement of a cardinal who is facing allegations of financial mismanagement, and has been previously accused of failing to respond to reports of misconduct from a nun who claims to have been raped. 

Cardinal George Alencherry heads the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, an Eastern Catholic Church in union with Rome and one of the two main Eastern Churches in India. Alencherry has been accused of involvement in dubious land deals dating back to 2015. Alencherry reportedly bypassed Church law requiring consultations before a land sale that resulted in heavy financial losses for the Church. 

After an investigation by a local commission, the Vatican in 2018 appointed a temporary administrator to lead the diocese in Alencherry's place. A Vatican letter said Cardinal Alencherry “should absolutely not be involved” in any decisions, UCA News reports. 

Pope Francis reinstated Alencherry in June. At the time Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, head of the Vatican’s office for Eastern Catholic Churches, stated that Alencherry must now submit monthly financial plans to the Syro-Malabar Church’s governing body. The Syro-Malabar synod will meet in August to discuss longer-term solutions to the archdiocese’ financial situation. 

The Vatican investigation’s findings have not been made public, and two auxiliary bishops who were also suspended remain suspended, the Associated Press reports. 

According to the AP, about 450 priests, including 70 from outside of India, began a hunger strike and prayer vigil last week at the cardinal's diocesan headquarters, in the city of Kochi, India to protest Alencherry’s reinstatement, the continued suspension of the two auxiliary bishops and to demand information about the Vatican’s investigation. 

One of the protesting priests told the AP that the hunger strike ended after priests met with members of the Syro-Malabar synod and presented their demands, and were given assurance that the demands would be put forward during an August meeting. 

Alencherry has also faced charges, which spokesmen say are spurious, that he might have ignored allegations of misconduct on the part of another Indian bishop. An Indian television station aired an audio recording last week that appears to indicate that Alencherry may have been aware of a nun’s claim that a bishop had raped her, before the nun made her public complaint. 

The nun in June 2018 accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar of raping her in 2014 and sexually abusing her on multiple occasions over two years.In a recorded phone call between the nun and Alencherry, alleged to have taken place before the nun filed her official complaint, Alencherry appears to tell the nun that he would deny knowing anything about the complaint if the police ask about it, and that she should deal with the apostolic nuncio instead of the police. 

A spokesman for the Syro-Malabar Church, which Alencherry heads, acknowledged the existence of the conversation, but said that the tape had been heavily edited to portray the cardinal in a bad light. He told local media that the nun had complained about concerns in her convent, but had not mentioned sexual assault. 

Bishop Mulakkal was formally charged with raping the nun nine times over a two-year period and faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, local authorities announced in April.The charge sheet against Mulakkal included statements from more than 80 witnesses including a cardinal, three bishops, 11 priests and 25 nuns, according to Indian Catholic group Save our Sisters. He is expected to be in court this week. Mulakkal maintains his innocence. (Ed. note: This article was edited after publication for clarity about the reasons for the protest.)


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