Unity of all Mankind – Dr James Kottoor

That they may all be one & Hapy at Xstmas

This is impossible to achieve without “good will to all”  — the central shining message of Christmas — excluding none, based on creed, colour, caste, country and continent in today’s instantly interconnected internet world.

Dr. James Kottoor

That they may all be One as the Father is in me and I in the Father” is what Jesus prayed for, worked for and longs for. That unity is to be not only of all divided self-proclaimed churches but for  the whole of humanity as one Family under the Fatherhood of God. It is for that he taught us to pray calling God “Our Father …Thy Kingdome come here on earth as in heaven”. Yes it is to turn this vale of tears; this sea of misery, this battle field of the wounded, maimed and dying into that paradise lost  that he lived and died. That alone was the purpose of his coming. It is for this he continues to live today as a live wire, raised from the dead, never written of anyone else in history.

  To proclaim oneself to be his true follower what is needed, at least for this scribe, is not to convert myself to become a member of any of the present divided Churches – since division is scandal and counter witness to Jesus – but to become a humane human being which alone can best fit the phrase SON OF MAN (meaning ideal human being) which he used to refer to himself 85 times in the gospels. To become humane like Jesus one does not have to become a Christian or member of any Church. Becoming a member of any of the divided churches results in becoming a counter witness to Him.

 Jesus himself never became a Christian. He was a Jew by birth, lived and died a Jew. INRI (Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews) was inscription put on his cross. Our Hindu friends and RSS groups who have chosen this Dec.25th the birthday of Jesus to convert or reconvert people to the tune of 5000 or so to one’s own religion of birth, are giving a left-handed tribute to the principle Jesus taught: namely  what is needed today is not a conversion to a new religion but a conversion  of the heart to become a better human being. Peace is to such men of good will only. This is what Narayana Guru preached and Pope Francis means when he vehemently disapproves proselytizing and says  “My God is not a Catholic God,” meaning He has to be the God of entire humanity that includes atheists as well. 

In fact the followers St. Thomas  gathered around him in Kerala, were not called Christians either but Margam Koodiyavar (Those who joined the Right path shone by Jesus.) What is needed to follow Jesus today is just that, to defend love and care which is the only  long lasting TRUTH.. Didn’t he tell Pilot: “For this I have come into this world, to bear witness to Truth?”  And “there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for the beloved.” The truth is,  the whole of humanity is bound together by fraternity spun out of love and care, into one Global family under the Fatherhood of God.

Individual families made up of the trinity – father, mother and child – are basic bricks of that great family. It is to ensure the basic health and strength of these bricks and make them defect free that Pope Francis has undertaken  the herculean task of a two-year global study of challenges facing families, now going into the second year.  Long live human fraternity and global family life.

May Jesus’ life that started in Bethlehem in a humble happy family at the first Christmas, in a Cattle shed, in perfect harmony with animals and nature,   lead, guide, inspire and enlighten all of us?  

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