Umpteen points to ponder – Whither goes thou Christian Churches?


James kottoorNote: Our profound thinker and matchless honest critic Pamplanil has raised ever so many  relevant pressing questions that we are at a loss to decide where to start and what question to pick up first.


We don’t claim to have ready answers to any nor  do we say the answers we have are final. So they are presented for your criticism, correction and modification.


Organized Religions

As far as organised religions are concerned, whether it is about thousands of churches or those of other religions, they are all business organisations like our political parties, all for the survival and enrichment of the organisers only.


Can they be corrected or reformed? So many Church reformation societies are working, sincerely, whole heartedly  — CCRI’l on the international level and  KCRM of Kerala on the local or state level to  name two examples —  but they are all going to be exercises in futility.


Church leaders or leaders of other organised religions are not going to change one bit because it is their business to live  posh lives without sweating. Have you seen any political party dying or quitting the scene? When they fail in one election they invent another crooked trick to win in the next election.


To save face, Yes!

As we wrote earlier none of the religious leaders — whether they are involved in Money scam, Land purchase scam or sex scam — they are not going to give up.  They will nevern never change to save their SOULS,  but they may for the time being change to save their FACE to fool the public, since the public has short memories.


Here we discuss briefly on point only on the BIG BUSINESS called organised religion. For any big business what they need is an unlimited market of consumers or customers. Why it is said that the biggest contribution of the Catholic church is injecting  or imbuing the   whole world with the sense of guilt and sin?  And they have succeeded in it with the cock and bull story of a naked Adam and Eve suddenly  discovering their shameful nakedness and running for the  cover of a fig leaf.


Man: Sinner?

Contrast this story with the proud and profound statement of Vivekananda: “Never ever dare to call MAN the crown and glory of creation a SINNER.” You want to stick on to that idiotic god who does such stupid things, a god who sweats and toils five days  and comes out with glorious products “He found them good” it is said and  crowns his sixth day with the creation of a man and his consort – all gone wrong because they turned out to  be just SINNERS only?


Has this God lost all his/her brains or have you lost your thinking capacity as well? So if a good tree produces only good fruits how can a God of goodness  end up producing sinful humans only?

Market for poojas

Once you fill the world with people  who believe anything priests and God men say, you have the market ready to sell  your poojas, manthras, thantras, prayers and religious rituals for a pay.  Even Prime Ministers and highly place in society will come to say Amen  and get blessings from these heads of Organised  religions.  

With the opium of religion you create a world wide market for all varieties of god-men to sell their wares and prosper. So may we request earnestly to think seriously about the umpteen questions our friend Pamplanil has raised and come out with practical solutions and answers.  james kottoor, editor ccv.


Please read below what Sri. Pamplanil has to say


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Any student of history will not be surprised at the murky  goings on in the Monarchical Divine Theory mode, Pyramidical Episcopal Christian Churches. Sordid  stories of financial irregularities and sexual exploitations of the weak and defenceless women and children by the bishops and other clerical higher ups of Christian Churches are  coming out in the open almost everyday.


The Monarchical Churches, arrogating themselves as unsinkable Titanic,  have  been struck by the icebergs  of scandals dragging them down inexorably and  irretrievably to the bottom of the ocean drowning them for ever.


My surmise: Christianity’s views  on humanity are illogical and anti-human. Its mindset is anti-natural. It tells its followers that normal living,  in consonance with moderated natural instincts,  is SIN. The worst sins according  to this religion  is pursuit of happiness during an individual’s rather brief  span of life on Earth. The attitude of  Christian Church  is one of anti-pleasure. It glorifies poverty, deprivation and negation of life. But the glaring dichotomy that stands out: these diktats are meant only  for ‘aam aadmi’ or the proletariat. The higher ups in the Church indulge in all sorts of forbidden pleasures. The criminal clerics  are protected by the Churches, with the enormous resources at their disposal, with scant concern to ethics and morality?  Gross aberrations of Alwncherry , Franco, Robbin, the Orthodox priests all these point to  the festering deep-rooted cancerous growth gnawing  the innards of the Christian  Churches.


The Church may be able to save the abusers by deploying all the means available to it, but in the eyes of the public these criminal  violators of law and morals and  trespassers of human dignity, integrity and autonomy stand condemned.


The dilemma that confronts thinking people in a nut shell : What is the relevance of organised religions in the  society of the 21stcentury? Do the Churches enhance the quality of the lives of their followers?


The Churches seem to expend it’s time and resources  in pushing  the believers into the mire of more and more superstitions. The bread and butter of the Churches  appears to be flamboyant rituals. Their  efforts are concentrated in injecting ‘sense of guilt  and sin’ into the minds of the credulous. The modus operandi is – make  the unintelligent,  sinner first and then sell remedies to cure the infection. The ignorant one is always the  looser in the bargain. Burdened with a sense of sin, the gullible becomes incapable of living  fuller life and appreciate  the finer things around him/her. Many such persons may eventually end up as mental wrecks.


The hyperbole that the Christian Church did contribute enormously and significantly in the field of education and social development  is not borne out by facts.


The Kerala Christians of earlier generations, especially of  the  erstwhile central Travancore, by and large,  made their living by engaging in  agriculture and retail trade. In the  pursuit of the avocation of agriculture, they migrated to interior and even far flung  places. In   the absence of adequate transport, they were forced walk long distances in extreme hardship ; fight  malaria and suffer  from the bites of bugs and leeches. Under harsh circumstances,  they cleared forests and planted food  crops such as paddy, tapioca, various types of yams; Jack fruit tress, palms for thatching their roofs in addition to coconut trees, pepper, ginger, turmeric plants  etc  for cash.


The devote Christian settlers  built  thatched sheds as places of worship and prevailed upon  the Christian hierarchy to depute priests for guiding prayers. In the  absence of adequate facilities the clerics  did not stay put in these places. In course of time, with their blood and sweat, the believers constructed pucca buildings for churches. For the  education of their children,  they built  schools and colleges. The clerics, no doubt, provided leadership, but in the process had their pound of flesh in the form of siphoning of funds. The saying was,  if there is cassock wearer in the family, its  economic prosperity is assured. The behaviour of the clerics was often autocratic and arbitrary.


Needless to say, all the  finances needed for the above purposes were  contributed by the believers.Once the Churches  and schools were established , the clerics took absolute control and did things as they pleased. The clerical hierarchy also  ensured  that  convents are  invariably  established nearby to  the churches.Teaching positions in the schools were  generally filled up by clerics and  nuns and cronies of the clerics.


Well  qualified, suitable and deserving persons from  parishes were  ignored. Favouritism and nepotism was rampant. The same situation  continue to prevail even today. Of  late hefty bribes, duly baptised and named  as donations, are collected from aspirants for jobs. The same type  of looting is resorted even for admissions to the educational institutions  under the management quota. Thus the song and dance  about the selfless  contribution of the Churches  in these spheres are cock and bull stories  and  miles away from  ground realities; they all are tissues of lies.


The type of education imparted in Kerala does not encourage enquiry and inquisitiveness. Students are moulded to be obedient  conformists. Any one who dare to stray from the beaten path are whipped to follow the line. Almost every one talks of traditional values and not about the realities of the day or about the future to unfold. The comfort zone for the establishment is the continuation of the conventional set up. Religion survives in this milieu. In the process  the proletariat suffer due to  the poor quality of life.


The modern democratic state is the agency to look after the  welfare of its citizens. It is all the more in the case of  the 21st century. The Church does not play any worthwhile role in any  society, especially in the societies of West. Religion is on the retreat  in the  previously Christian regions. The  Christian  religion has been gasping for breath for mere  survival. Christian  churches are deserted, their building areas sold  to pay off debts. The only religion that make headway is Islam. That is not surprising. The Muslims who migrated to the European countries are, by and large, uneducated. They  continue to remain  under the thumb of Islamic clerics. These  mostly  uneducated and socially backward immigrants find themselves as fishes out of water in the new environment. Hence they hold on tenaciously to their old ways.


The Churches in Kerala  with their  unwieldy and money-guzzling  bureaucracy and expensive  appurtenances are unwanted. Their continued existence is sheer waste of scarce resources and efforts. Their continuation is not  cost effective. At best, the role of  the Church may be confined to looking after the spiritual needs of its folk by conducting prayer sessions and the like. Acquisition of real estate and construction of commercial complexes is not within its area of activity. It should refrain from interfering  in  political and civic matters. Statecraft is beyond its functional scope.


The ground situation in our country is that religions create social antagonism and enmity among people. The sufferers are ordinary people. Aggressive Christian presbyterian activism  among the largely Hindu population will end in ‘no win situation’ If any misguided  Christian conversion enthusiast thinks that some outside  Christian agency will come to his/her rescue, when the goings go rough, perish  the thought. It  is wishful thinking – a pipe dream..





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