Two letters from Mumbai and Kochi

JACOB   MACWANN Mumbai & GEORGE, Kochi, writes in letter to editor

From: Jacob Macwan, Mumbai October 28, 2019

The Know-Nothing-in-chief raised certain questions at the Chicago meet and some readers including this writer commented on them. “Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.Says the Teacher, vanity of vanities, What do people gain from all this toil, at which they toil under the sun? ( Eccle 1.1-2 )

There are more serious issues  crying to be taken up by KCRM. For example, the injustice being meted out to Sr. Rosy Kallippura and her colleagues  God’s own country is under attack by satan led by Gen. Franko Mulakkal being aided by the army of SMC hierarchy and you are discussing such irrelevant matters such as God, Jesus, Bible, Papacy, inspiration of the Holy Spirit, etc.!

Kudos to Rev. Valson Thampu ( CSI ) ( NOBODY FROM SMC?!!!?)  For empathising with the suffering sisters and offering welcoming shelter. This is now the time for revolution, not reformation. Let the poor humble sisters of Franciscan Claret Congregation take over the convent with the support of their lay brethren and dismiss the Superiors general or transfer them to Andamans & Nicobar islands. 

As regards dealing with the clerical hierarchy,  I recommend the laity to watch the podcast being aired on 2nd Nov. 2019 at 7.30pm by CRM International. By the way, I used to be with the Latin rite Catholic church, not that it made any difference.

 Email: mobile: 9619722330

Do I Believe in Miracles? George Nedumparambil to me

Dear James, 

Miracles or, coincidence to some, remain  there until scientists prove otherwise. 

I do believe that it is inconsistent with the written word in Bible  to declare a dead person a saint with ability to intercede. Such an action could get into the realm of  blasphemy when read with the written words though it makes good money for the church through running novenas.  

Judgment is the remit of God which is awarded only upon the second coming of Jesus. Until then it is RIP for all the dead (I am afraid including Mother Mary). Secondly there is an OT proscription against keeping anyone as a mediator between humans and God, Jesus being an exception as per NT. If somehow someone ends up in the heaven they will get locked up in a vault unable to help themselves much less others,  if what is written in Revelation are to be believed.  

 I do not believe apostles were given the power to pass on their powers to anyone. Such powers ended with them. Their remit was to proclaim the gospel. The supposed authority of the church is at  best can be described as  self proclaimed arrogation. George, Kochi

james kottoor

Yes & Congrats to Macwan, Mumbai. What is to be tackled on a war footing is supporting Sr. Lucy hounded mercilessly by the Syromalabar Church.

Our CCV, Facebook and Twitter are full of such supportive articles. But what do you do when the Syromalabar hierarcy is ZERO in responding or reacting. You can wake up a really sleeping person, not one pretending to be sleeping.

As for George Nedumparampil Light of Reason is anathema for blind believers. It takes time and patience to open their EYE of God given reason.

As for the readers of CCV it is not for the Editor to dictate on which topic to write. What is pressing for immediate attention differs from person to person. Otherwise Letters to editor will become the dictatorship  of the Editor.james 

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