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Note of Explanation: One who writes a lot about transparency should also be seen practising it. So this brief explanation from CCV Editor.

Arcanjo Sodder, is the Editor (also an advocate) of the widely read internet portal officially called THE LAITYTUDE and popularly known as the Voice of Bombay Laity.  Like the CCV, it is totally independent of any church control, hence the special affinity.

THE LAITYTUDE publishes many of CCV articles and we publish in CCV many relevant articles from Voice of Bombay’s Cathollic Laity. Many  of CCV’s articles are regularly published abroad, especially in the US.

But no so called  Catholic publication in India, not even New Leader of Chennai of which I was edior and publisher, print my articles, except Matters India from Delhi, occasionally. But we publish many articles from Matters India and from other publications.

Indian Currents from Delhi, of which  I was associate editor, sends me articles forbidden by authorites and CCV generously obliges. That is how many articles on land sale scandal, originally prepared for Indian Currents appeared in CCV, This is to let specially the “All-knowing, but ignorant churchmen” to know that their “Cover-ups” cannot hide truth, both nice and nasty, happening even in their “sacred, Holy” premises. Great example is the case of “Bishop raping Nun” celebrated in secular media all over the world.

Now a word to my friend Arcanjo’s letter below:

Thank you  dear Arcanjo for your kind words. Please don’t  call me ‘Sir’, just  james, all in the lower case, as my leader and model is just the Son of Man from Nazareth who washed the feet of his disciples and asked to treat him as a friend, not a master or His excellency. We are all brothers only and equals.

As for money, yes, money the ‘Golden calf’ is the first God worshipped in all churches. When and where money speaks, ever one listens, otherwise why no action is taken even after 77 days in the Nun rape case, and Bishop was interviewed only once and the complaining Nun nearly a dozen times, no equality in the church, although Jesus said:  You are brothers only, equals.

We in the CCV: The editor in chief (james) and Associate editors: Jose Mattappally from Kottayam, and Isaac Gomes from Kolkata are not working for a pay, we receive no penny from any one. Ours is labour of love, not for any organization or Church,  but for the Man from Nazareth called JESUS born in a Cattle shed (therefore I call myself member of his lowly placed, CATTLE CLASS, not of the comfortable class of churchmen or politicians)  and for the good news of Truth, Love, brotherhood and compassion Jesus, living as a homeless wanderer, tried and wants  his followers to spread to the ends of the Earth.

We have been doing it for the last five years and I hope to continue it till our last breath. Yes we too are receiving requests for donations from persons and publications thinking we are a Money-making business group. We are not and we can’t give nothing except this labour of love.

We give top priority to freedom of expression and each one’s right to do it following Voltair’s principle with no favouritism or animosity to anyone. People of differing and conflicting opinions have to be friends in both rain and shine. So we shall continue Arcanjo, supporting each other and inviting others of goodwill to join our venture.

God bless you.



Letter from: Editor of Bumbai Laity

arcanjo sodder, Sept.14, 2018

to me

Dear Sir,

Grateful to people like you who keep the faith alive. Cardinal Gracias is a great pretender and so is the Pro nuncio. They will not even acknowledge your letters. Money has always been used to buy the victims’ silence. I had great regards for the Pota priests. However a few days back I saw signed appeals for donations being asked and to be donated to the priests accounts. I fail to understand as to why money should go into a priests personal account and not in the trust account of the congregation.


None of the church journalists are writing about this incident. Only matters India has carried the story.

Kerala will show the way in cleansing the church.

Its great that you were the first to break the story of the bishop.

God bless  you and may your tribe increase!!!


Archie Sodder

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