Why Turmoil in the Synod?

dr.james kottoor (Edited)


                  Theoretically the belief is that the invisible Holy Spirit through his invisible workings guides the Catholic Church on the right path.

                When it is evidently on the wrong path the fault is attributed to the  machinations of mundane men  at the Vatican Syndicate but not to the Pope who is infallible, though that belief is weakening   these days.

              What happens when even the infallible Pope has evidently gone wrong or is going wrong? Many are saying just that publicly now, nay writing long articles to prove it these days.  


            But come on, don’t be silly!  Isn’t the Pope  just a follower of Peter who betrayed Jesus thrice? But then didn’t Peter correct himself finally and infallibly?

          And what else was Peter? Wasn’t he  just a follower of Jesus who fell  three time, not once, on his way to Calvary? Wasn’t his journey on the way of the cross (we don’t know about his journeys in private life) a string of Himalayan failures when it came to facing the cross and carrying it?

          But  did Jesus lie motionless  where he fell? In the three places he fell. every time didn’t he get up at once to take up his cross and march ahead? Don’t we see all these fine, exemplary traits in all our Popes, in most of our bishops and in all of us?

        I really mean all of us, because don’t we all rush to the confessional, just after every fall, unlike priests and bishops who may or may not frequent it that often?

       That is what infallible means – correcting ourselves every time we make a mistake. Of course you may call it “blundering along”. Each one is  free to use the phrase that makes sense to him/her. Aren’t we all living in a free society?

     But we shall all infallibly reach our destination the good God has assigned to each of us. That for certain is Heaven. Have no doubt about it.  So rest in peace and be happy infallibly!

     (Tail end soliloquy by Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier of Durban, South Africa “The Holy Spirit also works through confusion as long as it doesn’t cause us to get at each other’s throats.”—CNUA,Ootty) 

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