To get canonized, get condemned first! Your thoughts on Youth Synod please!

Pope Francis poses for a selfie during a pre-synod gathering of youth delegates at the Pontifical International Maria Mater Ecclesiae College in Rome March 19. Also pictured are Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary-general of the Synod of Bishops, and U.S. Cardinal Kevin J. Farrell, prefect of the Vatican's Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life. The meeting was in preparation for the Synod of Bishops on young people, the faith and vocational discernment this October at the Vatican. (CNS photo/Vatican Media) See POPE-YOUTH-PRESYNOD March 19, 2018.


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Yes your own  independent thoughts on the Youth synod please? I don’t mean thoughts  reported by some scribe; thoughts of unthinking Oldies in the synod; thoughts put in the mouth of youth by vested interest groups; thoughts of youth never allowed to speak in public but only privately; thoughts of paid writers commissioned to produce as decent statements of youth for public consumption to fool the whole world; in short none of the censured thoughts of YOUTH SYNOD which is an anathema!


This is a pure academic exercise and interest alone, which prompts the CCV to raise these BLUNT questions, not to prove anyone right or wrong, for a public discussion. It could be we are in the wrong. In that case we want to learn from you and correct ourselves.


Would Jesus call it ‘Youth Synod?’

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That said, as for me there was nothing thoughtful or youth-full that came out of this synod befitting Jesus in his thirties.  It never deserved to be called a youth synod. For example. of the over three or four hundred gathered in Rome after a lot of fanfare, how many were in the age group of Jesus? In normal course the majority should have been made up of youngsters, to be called  ‘Youth Synod’. Nay how many of them had voting rights or even rights to actively participate in discussions? Practically none! Would Jesus call such a Synod youthful?

Constantly to be reformed?

Then why did the Bishops call it a Youth Synod?  Why couldn’t they call a spade a spade? Has it not been this the practice of the Hierarchical church ever since Emperor Constantine invented it in the fourth century, deception, saying one thing and doing the opposite? How many  ecumenical councils were called during the past centuries, leading to the momentous Vatican II, purportedly to reform the church with the motto: “Ecclesia simper reformanda!” (Church is to be reformed constantly.) Did any one them ever succeed? Will many similar ones ever succeed? No hope, no possibility, if one has to take any lesson from the past experience.


Case of Rev.Viktorie Kopecka

Even in the case of the 32 year old Rev. Martina Viktorie Kopecká what had really happened? (Read again the CCV post Nov.6/18): “Only female cleric in Synod speaks”).


“The Czechoslovak Hussite Church was formally established in 1920 in Prague by members of the modernist reform movement of Roman Catholic clergy. It draws from the tradition of the Czech reformation in the 15th century (a century before Martin Luther).


Church with elected bishops!

“According to the website of the World Council of Churches, the Hussite Church has nearly 100,000 members and “occupies the middle ground between the essence of the Catholic Church (liturgy and the seven sacraments) and the principles of the Protestant churches (teaching and order).” Bishops are elected by a diocesan assembly. The church values dialogue, freedom of conscience and openness to a pluralistic world.(A better example than of the Catholic Church.)


“Jan Hus, a leading priest in the movement, sought to purify the church, Rev. Kopecká explained. He criticized indulgences, wanted to preach in the vernacular and asked for theological dialogue. Under pressure, he refused to renounce what he believed. He was burned at the stake in 1415 and considered a heretic for hundreds of years until 1999 when Pope John Paul II apologized and expressed “deep sorrow” for his “cruel death” and praised his “moral courage” as a true reformer of the church”


Get condemned first to be canonized?

What is the lesson the synod sends out to the whole world if not: “You have to be condemned first and burned at the stake, before you are canonized?”, something similar to : “Pecca fortiter, fide fortius?” (Commit sin boldly, but believe more boldly), said to be the secret of the sacrament of confession?   

If so, how is the Church different from a secular country like US, also called the biggest “terrorist nation in the world?” It crushes its so-called enemies like a squeezed lemon, to drink the juice – from Vietnam, to Afganistan to Iraq, and when it finds no use going further with brute force, it says: “If you can’t beat them, join them!”,  make friends to exploit them further.


What did Jesus do?

Had Jesus followed that logic, He would have joined the Pharisees, High priests and Roman colonizers! He refused. But not so was the case with Constantane’s Church which befriended and still goes on befriending the powers of the world and the Mammon of Iniquity to reign gloriously, prosperously and comfortably. Pope Francis of course is the sole aberration.

If Jesus were alive today and repeated what he said and did when he was alive he would have  been imprisoned and crucified a thousand times by the powers that be. That is why none of the organized churches want to follow the path of Jesus. But this “idiotic know-nothing” still wishes to try and  trudge that dusty road of that ‘crazy Nazarene’. Only one earnest request please: By sheer chance, in case of a terrorist attack at Sabarimala, snubs out  this paltry life, please do not hasten “to canonize and put my name on a pedestal.” Just forget that name altogether!

All of you are saints. “Never dare call any one created in the image and likeness of God and found good, a sinner”, Vivekananda.


Youthful Synod?

To come back to our main theme, the utterly, butterly, thoughtless and lifeless (that is without any of the get-up-and-go of the youthful Nazarene) synod, the image that looms large in my mind is that of Nicodemus dressed as a graceful Lady (Church) visiting Jesus under cover of darkness  and asking him: “How can an elderly person like myself become small again to get into my mother’s womb to get born again, to become youthful?”


Church of prosperity, not poverty

The Church militant, triumphant, preaching the gospel of prosperity not poverty, can never succeed to understand it, much less digest a self-emptying Jesus.  Nor can anyone of us help it or do anything except to continue to “love it with a vengeance” (since that doesn’t come naturally) again following the command of the ‘crazy’ Nazarene: “Love your enimies and do good to those who hate you,” and burn you on stake,  because  “Snehamanakila Saramoozyil!”, {the sum and substance of life on earth is loving), as the Malayalam proverb says.

The gathering at Rome was synod of Oldies,  foreign and Indian bishops without credibility starting with my dear friend Alencherry caught in multi-crore land sale scam. Two youths selected were Percival Holt, and Cherylanne Menezes, heads and yes-men of bishops and they said nothing, reportedly.


Fools for Jesus?

I for one choose to remain a doubting Thomas who with his questioning  opened the doors to a thinking church but got closed shut with the advent of Constantine. Speaking to doubting Thomas Jesus never said: "Cursed are those who refuse to believe without seeing, doubting or questioning." How could he? He himself, was the questioner par-excellence of hypocritical high priests and political 'foxes' like Herod! So the only option left for us is to love them all with a vengeance to become followers or fools for Jesus!

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