Thou shalt not text at the dinner table, Pope Francis tells kids

(Matters India) Pope Francis is known to use technology, but in a recent article on the Los Angles Times, he has been quoted saying that kids should put away their phones while they are on the dinner table. He said this in an address to the masses on St Peter’s square in Vatican city.

His main pain point was that these days even when families are together they aren’t interacting as everyone is into their gadgets. “A family that almost never eats together, or that never speaks at the table but looks at the television or the smartphone, is hardly a family,” he said.

The Pope focused that family togetherness is very important from a very young age and he described it as a ‘beautiful virtue’, India Today reported.

“Sitting at table for the family dinner, sharing our meal and the experiences of our day, is a fundamental image of togetherness and solidarity,” he added.

While the Pope may use the iPad or even tweet, it is pretty clear that doesn’t do all this while he is on the dinner table and maybe none of us should because we all these days are overly engrossed in our gadgets and don’t communicate directly with our friends and family.

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