Things You Can Do After Pursuing Law

Ms Shelly Saluja


ig(Note: In this article, Ms. Shelly Saluja, a Deputy Legal Manager at Reliance Jio and a Mentor at Project Abhimanyu provides advice to students on the different legal avenues one can look at, after pursuing law. Project Abhimanyu acts as an external placement cell that guides a student about the available career options and job opportunities as well as helps them apply for internships and jobs.  It is a very enlightening piece of information for our readers, feels CCV's Isaac Gomes)

Query: I want to know what all things I can pursue after law and what sort of internships I should do and how to prepare my resume?


The earlier understanding pertaining to law, of being just about Courts is no longer true. There is so much that you could pursue being a lawyer and this solely depends on your interest.

Apart from practising in the courts as an independent litigator, you have the option of working in a law firm to start with or a lawyer (which is a precursor to independently practicing law), work as an in-house counsel for a company, work for an NGO or an international organisation, work in the Big-fours as a tax consultant, working for a Legal Process Outsourcing, you can also prepare for judicial services if that appeals to you, prepare for civil service exams, work as a legal journalist, if you desire you can go ahead with your LLM (though personally I feel you should pursue LLM after gaining some work experience).

These are just a few options which you can avail and definitely not an exhaustive list.

As far as your internships are concerned I would suggest that you should get a taste of varied practice areas. Hence, try fetching internships with individual lawyer practicing in Courts to senior advocates; working for corporate based law firms, Intellectual property rights based firms, NGOs or state commissions and so on.

Hope this helps you get an idea as to what all you can do after completing law. Once you share with me your interests, I can guide you more specifically.


Note:  CCV extends its thanks and appreciation to IP Leader for this wonderful article for readers' benefit.


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