Sr. Theresa Kane Award at WOW 2015, nominations open!

(I don't dream of a church offering equal opportunities to just half of humanity. But I do dream of a humane humanity where all will be accepted on equal terms because there will be no one to compete with it. Call it "Humane Humanity" if you like, that alone can be the name of the Religion of the future. Let Humanity and Rationality prevail because there is no substitute to them. God bless, if there is a god. james kottoor, editor, CCV)



During the opening ceremony of WOW 2015 we will be joined by Sr. Theresa Kane, RSM — truly a woman of vision and courage. In her name, we will launch the inaugural "Theresa Kane, woman of Vision and Courage Award", and honor several women gathered. 


Please join WOC in lifting up the names and ministries of a women you know who, like Theresa Kane, prophetically live out their vision of an inclusive, equal and just Roman Catholic Church.  WOC will also honor a local Philadelphia leader, a feminist under forty, and a grassroots activist. Please click here: Nominations are now open! 


Sr. Joan Chittister and Martin Sheen endorse the Women's Ordination Conference, WOW 2015







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