The Trees – Poem


      Varghese Pamplani



(Note: (Note: Shri Varghese Pamplanil, is an voracious reader and a unique thinker. He graduated in economics with politics and world history as optional. He has worked as a high school teacher and In 1963 joined RBI Central Office Mumbai for 15 years. Did post‐ graduate course in the Bombay School of Economics. He was transferred to Trivandrum in 1981, worked mostly in the departments dealing with banking and non‐banking supervision and urban cooperative banks. He was Principal Inspecting Officer of various prominent Banks. Retired in October 2000. Joseph Mattapplly – asso. editor)


You have opened your eyes gently and in doubt,

from deep slumber during  the winter months,

buds of leaves and flowers will come out soon,

on pear and plum, apple and nectarine trees.

A life of birth and growth will commence anew;

flourish in full swing in tumultuous joy and verve,

in great vigour, leaves, fruits and seeds will emerge,

In time, the fruits’ll be pregnant with mature seeds

and they’ll sprout and start life’s cycle once again.


You trees are lucky on all the counts, I reckon,

You don’t involve in  the incessant strifes  of men,

You never rain cluster bombs on innocent babes;

And on hapless women cowering in mortal fear;  

You don’t enslave, rape, maim and kill them too.

You give shade and solace to any weary passerby;

 You offer life, air and food, solace and cooling shade.

You don’t loot and plunder nor  do barbaric  deed.


Me thinks, your life is better than mine on every count,

no one there  barking inanities  down on your neck,

suffocating, till the  life breath goes in agony and pain .

None tells  you this and that all the time without end;

all those gibberish sans rhyme, reason and sense.

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