The Story of a very ‘Fixed deposit of Homage to Mother Teresa’

CAB1The reason for the unclear photocopy is very clear.  Before going to the Auditor, when I asked Alexander Anthony, CAB 2CAB (Catholic Association of Bengal) President, for the original FD Certificate, this is what he forwarded to me.  He must have written to Eugene and this is what Eugene sent, thus proving beyond doubt that the original FD is with him.  No wonder Alex could not produce the original FD when members wanted to see it at the AGM on 27th September 2015 (ref. my article published yesterday – 26/10/'15 – in Church Citizens' Voice – Catholic or Controlled association of Bengal? Isaac Gomes)

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  1. Ref. Your report of 27th October 2015 captioned "The Story of a Very Fixed Deposit of Homage to Mother Teresa, Eugene Gonsalves, ironically Present of All India Catholic Union (AICU) headquartered in Goa, is a pastmaster in bending / breaking rules.  Even when his tenure as President for 10 long years expired and a new body of office bearers were elected at the CAB AGM on 16th September 2012, Eugene continued to sign cheques using the rubber stamp "FOR CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION OF BENGAL (President/ Secretary/ Treasurer)'  aided and abetted by the CAB President Alexander Anthony (who too was Secretary for 10 years with Eugene).  Even though this gross violation was pointed out to Alexander Anthony, he ignored it.  Alex was stopped only when he and the bankers (Syndicate Bank and State Bank of India) received a lawyer's letter dated 19th September 2013.  Alex then was forced to remove Eugene's name from the list of signatories and inducted the three new office bearers as the new signatories. Surprisingly he did not introduce Isaac Gomes, the Honorary Treasurer as one of the signatories, because he was not a member of Eugene's or Alex's crony club.  He was inducted only in March 2015 when a lot of banking paper work had to be done.

    Letter sent by lawyer to Alexander Anthony and to the banks is to be attached for ready reference. But I do not know how.

  2. Congrats to CCV editoral team for highlighting corruption in church based Laity organizations !!!

    To get justice on this matter ,can` church citizens`voice` editoral team request the leading national newspaper including those in kolkata with whom they have tie-ups to publish the matter?


    Peter Chowdhury.

  3. Francis Mondal says:

    The Story of a very ‘Fixed deposit of Homage to Mother Teresa’

    The above story is very interesting and yet not surprising at when one comes to know that Eugene Gonsalves is the kingpin.  For he is almost in all committees of the archdiocese, including Herald Editorial Board (though his writing skills are very limited).  The above deposit should be renamed "FIXED" Deposit as in spite of repeated demands by CAB Members (except the President, Vice President-1 and Secretary who prefer to puppets in the hands of Eugene), no explanation has been given by Eugene (as mentioned Kingpin), on the genesis of the Homage to Mother Teresa Fund. In fact whoever questioned him on this have been removed and reduced to non-entities in CAB.

    Eugene did not disclose how and why the fund (reportedly floated in 2008) was named after Mother Teresa, its genesis and how the FD worth Rs 17 Lac was incorporated into CAB's Books of Account in March 2011.  In the Annual Audited Accounts of 31 March 2011 it is written that CAB helped collect and built up the Homage to Mother Teresa Fund (without any mention of how much was collected and spent and the purpose).  Eugene was the President then and Alexander Anthony the Secretary General.  Yet Eugene said at CAB Executive Commitee Meeting in June and July that the money did not belong to CAB and he unsuccessfully pressed for a majority resolution that the amount be struck off the CAB Books of accounts as it did not belong to it.

    Then whose money is it? In the audited Balance Sheet as at 31st March 2015, the Auditor's remarks in the FD is "includes an FD of Rs 17 Lac named Homage to Mother Teresa Fund". This clearly means the money belongs to CAB.  Yet Eugene is virtually the sole signatory to the FD (as shown by his signature and seal on the reverse of the FD), though he is not an office bearer.  Strange but true.  In any association, elected office bearers are signatories to bank accounts, cheques, correspondence with banks, FD and other financial instruments.  But here an exception has been made due mainly to the connivance of the CAB President, Vice President-1 and Secretary General who toe the dotted lines set by Eugene.

    In the process, they are hurting the whole organisation, with the Archbishop, Ex-Officio Chairman, preferring to be a Dhritarashtra!

    Francis Mondal 

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