The Sojourn

Varghese  Pamplanil

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The Sojourn


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The sojourn of non-existence: nay  existence may end now.

What’s reality after one is no more,elusive great unknown.

Nothing is  left behind, even  a trace, or a shadow of being here.

What remains: not even a speck in eon time; unfathomed.


Parting words: don’t dwell on what transpired and gone.

Forgive the hurts  and sorrows encountered many a time.

Just recall and hold, sunshine of joy, once a while rare.

Never let go, fleeting smile of a child that fills the heart.

Waves  of love in dear mate’s eyes full to the brim.

Words kind, gestures of friends when one down and out.

Carry these gems dear to heart, guard them to the end.


No time more  to linger, pause or tarry, the die has been cast. 

Who are we, just passers-by in journey called life on Earth?

Final destination: a great unknown in the womb of time.


Meaning of life may find in blades of grass and ferns around;

roses and germaniums opening their eyes in morning time.

Restless mind calmed by songs of birds in tumultuous joy.

Fevered body cooled by soothing embrace of evening breeze. 

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Billions traversed the soil  we walk,  millions may tread  it hence.

Seeking heaven and bliss is futile, be contend with what one gets.


Leave unknown, unlamented,  let this life go,spare not a thought.




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