THE KEY ISSUE: Serious wrongdoing of Bishops

Curtsy THE LAITYTUDE. Ref. Article: Bishop’s Sin of Apostasy: In India:
There have been quite a few who have written to me positively about the articles written to expose the insidious act and agenda of the Bishop of Poona and the Bishops of Bombay.
But the Bishops concerned have dared not written to  me nor have they who teach with great conviction a falsified doctrine of social justice and equality resigned for gravely violating the law of justice by corrupting, concealing and misrepresenting doctrine; thus making themselves more equal than others.
I would like to address the few who have been silent on the issue and the miniscule who seem to have, through blind loyalism, seem to have acted like defense lawyers to the Bishops.
Hence the reason for this simple explanation of the situation for those who are being distracted from the key issue and which happens to be of a very serious nature:
The sin of the Bishop: Who is really interested to know the private personal sins of the Bishops?
Definitely not I, even if those private sins were to scandalize the larger public but if that is their priority then it can be exposed too.
But here is a sin which is serious and devious, born in perjury and cryptic apostasy and if anyone thinks that they deserve respect for such an insidious wrong doing, by acting as if they are above every law of Christ and the Church, then they can only be described as blind following the blind.
Hence the primary issue is not yoga and how dangerous it is but that of deliberately misleading the laity for several years and that too consistently.
1.       These Bishops have been involved in serious wrongdoing through PERJURY: of Misrepresenting, concealing and misleading through incoherent logic, even though they have at the time of their episcopacy, through an Oath, promised to hand down the faith faithfully to the flock under their care.
2.       What is more, they are making use of the people’s, money and the official mouth piece of the Church, The Examiner to further their sinister agenda. I had sent a copy of my articles to the Examiner for publishing, but they have dared not done it.
3.       Betrayal of peoples trust in them.
4.       They have done this consistently and obstinately, over a long period of time, in the public domain, which requires a public exposure. We do not know how many people have been led to desperation and frustration, writing to them privately and to the Vatican for action. Many may have left the church on account of such highhanded behavior of these in the hierarchy and some thinking that it is the official teaching of the church may have even left the church to follow Christ elsewhere. But many are walking on the path of hell, because the hierarchy here is more interested in their personal agenda and in dishing out satanic doctrines.
5.       Those who have objected to their fraudulent ways, they have been either sidelined or persecuted and even branded as “fundamentalist”, “traditionalist”, “the saffron brigade in the Church”, the anachronistic, etc.  I know of quite a few who have gone through such pain at the arrogance of the hierarchy.
6.       Can fraudulent elements in the Church, who hold position of power and authority, and who deliberately and obstinately falsify doctrine and conceal, distort, misrepresent and mislead, even if they are one of the 9 advisers to the Pope or belong to his coterie, have a right to brand others so?
7.       What is more the hierarchy in Mumbai, have proved that they are the covert apostates, misleading the people through falsified statements made in the public domain and arrogantly presenting them with great craftiness as if they are the harbinger of truth – absolute abuse of power and authority.
8.       When proved wrong they are silent: Silence is today become the weapon of the crafty!
9.       In their formation houses, be it schools or seminaries or convents, they have even imposed it on others. With the sword of Damocles hanging on the students they are left with no option but to submit to the whims and fancies of these brood of vipers in sacred clothing’s.  Yet they will pass judgments of secular governments for imposing their doctrine on others.
10.   People who have come to their defense normally have no qualms of conscience of presenting the politicians and even criminals in bad light, disrespectful of them for having broken the mere laws of the land. How can they criticize the politicians and be disrespectful of their authority and at the same time express total loyalism to a corrupt deceptive act of the hierarchy which is more insidious than any politician could commit? But these very same, out of sheer fanatical loyalism to the hierarchy have come to the defense of their own kind, even trying to distract the laity from the main issue. Or could they be the hired mercenaries of the hierarchies?
11.   The corrupt among the hierarchy and their coterie keep manifesting a fundamentalism of deceit and corruption while teaching what appears to be apparent Catholic doctrines. They are further aided and abetted by the dictators of relativism and modernism through sheer abuse of power at their disposal (these statements if it sounds shockingly disturbing, then it is not meant for you, because they are based on facts, which are clearly available in the public domain)
12.   If those in secular governments have no right to hold on to power when corruption is exposed then where do the hierarchy in Mumbai draw their power and authority for abusing the sacred laws and doctrines of the church which they are called to faithfully preserve and apply in all justice and righteous action.
13.   It seems that the Vatican too has failed the church in India by not paying heed to the voices that are seriously concerned about these fundamental issues. When I say “not heeded” it means exactly that, though one appeals to them and there is a clear case of dissent among the Bishops and theologians yet there has been no action or could it be wrong action?
14.   Such acts of the Bishops incurs automatic excommunication. What is the Nuncio, whom the Archbishop of Bombay, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, claims to be his good friend doing? Will he report this grave matter to the right authorities in Rome?
15.   There is an urgent need for a clean-up in the Church in Mumbai; patronizer of all that stands for evil.
  Fr. Conrad Saldanha
Archdiocese of Bombay, India

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