The Examiner apparently defrocks Bishop Dabre!- Fr. Conrad Saldanha

Story: The Laitytude (Mubai Laity) – By inferring that Bp. Thomas Dabre, of Poona Diocese of India as a mere reader contributor to the Examiner, the Archdiocesan weekly of the Bombay Church, seemed to have defrocked the one whose wrong actions they once had aided and abetted.

Thanks to the exposure by a few dedicated Christians such as Michael Prabhu, Arthur D’mello, and Fr. Conrad Saldanha and the protests of many other members of the community.

Even as the heat is on them; the official mouthpiece seems to be finding means and ways to escape the heat on the serious assertions of Apostasy, Heresy, Perjury, Irrationally argued issue of yoga, and above all of Misrepresentation and Concealment of an important Church document on the issue by no less a figure than the most popular Bishop, considered an expert on sound doctrine.

Earlier, Bp. Dabre had clearly stated in the article published in the Examiner of July 4-10, 2015 that; “Some of my friends have asked about the Vatican position on yoga and so I am sending you my reflections on Surya Namaskar and yoga” (emphases mine). This seemed clearly a rebuttal to the exposure of his earlier article by Fr. Conrad Saldanha in the social media.  That article of his had similar arguments but captioned as “Church Position on yoga”

After the Examiner article Fr. Conrad Saldanha along with some members of the community decided to confront the issue and wrote another article to expose the lies of the Bishops and their offense of apostasy now becoming evident, aided and abetted by the Archbishop and his coterie.

In a statement made to the Hindustan Times of 24th July, 2015 a spokesperson of The Examiner seemed to have said; “that every article in the journal did not reflect the church’s official stand on the issue”.

In a way implying that Bp. Thomas Dabre’s article did not fit in with the Church’s official stand on the issue.

Thus the Examiner now apparently seems to be dissociating with Bp. Dabre stand, who had graduated from stating; “Church position on yoga” (on 22nd June, 2015 on his Facebook timeline), to lay claim on: “Vatican position on yoga” in the weekly “the Examiner” (of July, 4-10).

Yet the confusion remains: Whom do the simple people believe: the mouth piece of the Bishops “The Examiner” or the Bishops mouth that speaks or an anonymous spokesperson of the Examiner speaking? BUT what is evidently clear now thru the spokesperson is that Bp. Dabre’s article in the Examiner does not reflect the church’s official stand on the issue.

In other words, there seems hidden somewhere someplace the church’s official stand on the issue and thus even Bp. Agnelo and Fr. Joe Pereira, the founder of Kripa apparently are liars, because they have stated otherwise!!!

The open secret is this: the simple people know for sure the church’s official stand which the apparent liars have kept from them.

But what is worse, The Examiner obstinately, in keeping with its tradition, further blatantly asserts: “The magazine gives space to people who have different views on a subject; we publish some of the letters what we receive. Similarly we also get articles from our readers that we sometimes print. The opinion given in the letters and articles are never our views and this is clearly mentioned in the magazine.” (emphasis mine, as quoted by HT of 24 July, 2015)

Wow! Ingenious to the core when it comes to deceptive speak!

The discredited magazine, the Examiner by taking recourse to its disclaimer here on this issue only affirms its lost credibility and even is deliberately dishing out a doctrine of ambiguity through deliberate misleading assertions.

What is most intriguing and interesting is the spokesperson keeping his or her identity as anonymous!

The question that it has avoided and needs an answer:

1. Was the Catholic Bp. Dabre, supposed to be heading a doctrinal commission of the CBCI and well consulted theologian, even widely consulted by Bishops, an ex-auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Bombay whose mouthpiece if the Examiner, a mere reader, like any other reader?

2. Did what he express a mere opinion, whereas the evidence proves otherwise?

3.  Has he not also misleadingly claimed that it represented the Vatican position on yoga? Hence where is the question of it being a personal opinion of a mere reader?

4. In the light of the above questions, the Examiner proves that it has either a bunch of ignoramuses appointed by the Archbishop and his coterie or con artists who know well to mislead and defend but can’t give people sound articles even if such articles were to represent personal opinions.  Incompetent!

5. If one were to believe what the Examiner says is true, then what about officials and news items, which are not contribution of their readers, but by members of the staff, Bishops of the Archdiocese and clergy and also are heretical in nature? And, what about some heretics holding office, as patrons, beginning with the Cardinal Archbishop of Bombay?

It now seems that the criteria for accepting an article or a letter is never sound reasonings or arguments but the poorest of logic will also do, as long as it is an opinion!

At the same time by issuing and reaffirming its disclaimer, the Examiner apparently seems to have defrocked Bp. Dabre by categorizing him as a mere reader and that what he has written is merely his personalopinion.

It apparently has also dissociated and condemned Bp. Agnelo and Fr. Joe Pereira, who claimed that the church had no stand on the issue! Whereas we know now there is a Church’s stand somewhere, someplacebut the common Laity who subscribes to the official mouth piece to know the truth of the faith is not supposed to know, they only have a right to know what is contrary to sound Church doctrine. 

A Bishop whose job is to teach and present the faith to the people, faithfully, and who in the light of the major issue of misrepresentation, distortion, concealment, perjury, heresy and apostasy, their actions are now justified as the heat is on them, by categorizing them as mere readers and opinion givers.

Are they dumping him and the others in order to save their own skin when complicity of the Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias, in this transgression is clearly proved!

What could be so important for Bishop Agnelo, who chose not comment. Even if he was out of Mumbai on assignment, and since he has also spoken the language of Heresy and Apostasy, should not have avoided commenting to the press, as reported in the same issue of Hindustan Times, on such an urgent concern? Here we are reminded of Nero who fiddled on the roof as Rome burnt! Having done the damage and now refusing to even care to repair! Alas for the attitudes of the Bishops!

In the end it still means that the Examiner seems to approve, aid and abet serious offenses, even that which incurs automatic excommunication in the light of the 1983 code of Canon Law, because the person is merereader who is contributing and because it is termed by them as opinion. Alas for their incredulity and lack of credibility!

Yet nothing will happen because the peritus of Canon Law, one of the 9 advisers to the Pope,  again  save his thick skin from damage, even by saving the rest. We keep scratching each others back!

The time is ripe to close down the Examiner which is subsidized by the Church’s money only for abuse.

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