Varghese Pamplanil

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Morning comes, the world opens its eyes.

Birds stir, wake up and frolic among foliage,

And sing aloud, in sheer joy, hearts out.

Frisky breeze tussles leaves with verve.


The cow moos in the yard and offers

it’s milky udder to feed the folks.


The baby opens its eyes from quiet sleep,

yawns, snuggles to ma’s ample breast, beams,

and suckles life’s ambrosia, full contentment.

Mummy’s face is serene, and in a rare glow.


The man ceases his snores of a deep slumber,

Sweet smell of his love still lingers everywhere.

He is quite  happy, for he had a vigorous time,

with his beloved mate at night that has gone.


This is a new day, life is even and smooth.

flow of rhythms of pleasant, joyful ways.

Living’s  every thing, eagerly sought, grabbed, .

Deeds done, mind is even and body keen.


The wife milks the cow, the hearth is glowing.

The man tills, sows and plants, reaps and garners.

He makes hay for cow to eat in harsh winter time.

Plucks cherries from  trees he has grown with care


The red hot sun moves on its path in the  sky,

and ripens grains and grass, fruits and nuts,

and sustains life in myriad ways, day and days.

Evening does come,  bearing a  gentle wind.

the  crimson sun sets in yonder sky, very far.


Cranes and cuckoos fly to their nests to rest,

deep blue sky aglow with a million stars.

The golden moon moves in a gentle glide,

mind is soothed and nerves are calmed.


This is pure bliss, ecstasy that is very rare.


The eyes heavy with sleep slowly close.


Thank you, Earth, Sun and Stars, soothing Moon.


(N.B. the Roman Catholic Church views living is Sin and the body embodiment of Evil. Hence this poem)

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