Stinger stung, antidote awaited – Times of India editorial

JK                                          Stinger stung, antidote awaited

Kejriwal can keep his flock together

by chanting the harmony song

(This editorial appeared in March 14th edition of Times of India and I added my comment as given at the bottom. Dr. James Kottoor)

Be careful what you wish for because it could turn out to be your worst nightmare rather than dream come true. Through both his stints as CM, Arvind Kejriwal has held a steady course championing sting operations. Turns out it’s not aam admi but AAP admi who embraced this cause with greatest gusto.

While Kejriwal recuperates at a naturopathy retreat after a hectic campaign season, other leaders have been merrily airing the party’s dirty laundry in public. Still, hope floats. The man whose swachh Delhi abhiyan cleaned up 67 assembly seats may have more magical squirts of detergent up his sleeve.

The main stings in the drama so far are a phone recording purportedly showing Yogendra Yadav ‘planting stories’ against Kejriwal and another suggesting Kejriwal’s efforts to ‘break’ Congress to form a government last summer. Yadav has been shaking his head sorrowfully, quoting Plato, ruing how reality is a poor copy of the ideal.

It’s debatable whether confusing a political party with a pure ideal says more for people’s gullibility or for the power of the hard sell. What’s certain is that AAP’s moral high ground seduced hordes of passionate volunteers – will the swarm of stings now chase them away?

Funnily enough few have been calling these stings fakery. Not at all like that Shaggy song in which his honey came in and caught him red-handed because he forgot he had given her a key but he said, it wasn’t me.

Supporters argue that in the sting Kejriwal is never heard offering money to ‘break’ Congress: This is not poaching but political realignment. Do spare a tear for Congress, which required no ‘breaking’ as it scored a duck at the hustings. Then raise a whistle for how AAP has once again forged a paradigm shift. Henceforth communalism can be known as religious realignment and corruption as currency realignment. Maybe if Shaggy is listening in, his next song will not be about adultery but about marital realignment.

One hears with cheer that the CM’s naturopathy retreat has been fruitful and his coughing’s down 75%. In nature, poison can fight poison. It’s said rattlesnake and viper venoms have proved effective against heart attacks, cancer and brain disorders. So Kejriwal could battle stings with more stings. Shazia Ilmi says AAP leaders are constantly playing recordings of other leaders in the party office, so there could be mines of material out there. But the sour grapes bug can be as virulent as the Delhi cough or even swine flu. Handle with care.

Of course Kejriwal can’t resign now under the burden of stings and reverse stings, as he’s promised paanch saal Kejriwal. Instead of breaking promises or playing Scorpion King, he should use his healed throat to sing that bhaichara song he sang at both his inaugurations. Legions of AAP well-wishers are looking for this healing touch. As Hemingway said, the world breaks everyone but afterward some are strong at the broken places. This magic is yet within reach for the AAP broom


            I agree with  most of what you say, TOI. Was aching to write such an article. And to you  Kejri , you silence is not the answer but harmony song. Talk privately with Bhoshans and Yadav and make a public embrace and kiss of peace sowing that you are an arch democrat who can converse comfortably with your arch critics. If you can't do that I will stop being your fan instantly I am an adorer of Voltaire who said: I will fight to death to defend your right to shout out your conviction, even when I may not agree one bit with what you say or shout. James Kottoor

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