St. Abhaya Pray for us SINNERS?

Sister Abhaya murder case | She would not have ended her life: judge. K.S. Sudhi, from The Hindu, KOCHI, DECEMBER 23, 2020 is the latest, report given below, from the Hindu. Reacting on it,  Abhaya’s death/murder, is from one of the readers sent to us with the following reaction and suggestion: 


Apropos CCV of 23rd 

“My suggestion: print thousands of coloured portraits of St. ABHAYA, martyr saint, by KCRM and other activists and distribute them among all Catholics all over the world as  protector of young women from  the sex hungry sham celibate Catholic sexual predator clergy bullocks (“Vitthu Moorikals” –  in Malayalam). 

Novenas can be started in specially constructed shrines: the offerings utilised for looking after unwed nuns and their babies, fathered by priestly bastards.”

Abhaya is a Martyr

Definitely Abhaya was a Martyr and for that reason a SAINT,  according to Catholic teaching and practice. We are inclined to agree with it whole heartedly. 

The second part is opinion, left to the freedom of each to express. The CCV cannot and should not be a judge on it, since our motto and conviction is: ‘JUDGE NOT AND YOU SHALL NOT BE JUDGED!” james kottoor ccv editor.

Please read below report from Hindu on Abhaya!  Sister Abhaya. File  

Judge relies on evidences to conclude Sr. Abhaya led a happy life. The murder case of Sister Abhaya had everything that would put a sex-crime thriller to shame. It was a case spiced with allegations of sex and murder where the alleged sexual act of the two accused was a relevant fact in the case, according to the CBI court.


Recreating the sequence of the events through evidences, K. Sanilkumar, Additional Sessions Judge/Special Judge (SPE/CBI), concluded it was “inexorable to infer that A1 (Father Thomas. M. Kottoor) entered the ground floor of the convent building with the help of A3 (Sister Sephy) to carry out their sexual activities and on witnessing the same by Sister Abhaya, she was attacked with a blunt weapon.” 

“Normally, the sexual antecedents of an accused do not matter, they only matter when they give a bearing to the fact in issue of the case.” Here, the “alleged sexual act of A3 and A1 was the cause of the murder and the murder was the effect,” he concluded.

The “assertion of the prosecution that while both accused were in flagrante delicto, the witness, Sister Abhaya, was attacked by the accused with a blunt weapon is apposite here.” When “the proved circumstances are against the accused persons, it is inevitable to take an inference by applying deductive reasoning that Sister Abhaya was attacked by both the accused with a blunt weapon,” he noted. 

The presence of Fr. Kottoor in the St. Pius X Convent Hostel on the night of 26/27 March 1992 and the solitary presence of Sr. Sephy in her ground floor room of the hostel on the night was proved, the order said. 

It was proved that Fr. Kottoor had admitted his relationship with Sr. Sephy, who “underwent hymanoplasty almost on the eve of her arrest by the CBI.” She “utilised medical intervention to shape artificially her body as that of a virgin,” the court noted.  

Resurrecting the character of Sr. Abhaya from the heap of allegations of the defence, the judge relied on the evidences to conclude that she was “a very smart, pious, honest, simple, perseverant and punctilious girl, meticulous in all respects. She was leading a happy and altruistic life, and also proved that it was simply impossible for her to have ended her life on her own.” 

On several witnesses turning hostile, the judge noted that the “witnesses connected to the congregation, including the inmates of the St. Pius X Convent Hostel, en masse turned hostile to the prosecution without rhyme or reason.” 

It is “gleanable that a systematic, organised effort was exerted sub rosa by the powers that be to subvert the prosecution case and prevent it from reaching its logical conclusion,” the court noted.

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  1. George Nedumparambil says:

    It is alleged that the church spent crores defending the priest and nun.  When the kitchen help in the convent were disposing in Supreme Court, she was allegedly represented by lawyer, Harish Salve, one of the most expensive lawyers in India. The help who barely could have made couple of thousand rupees working for the convent could not to be expected to have the money to pay Mr. Salve.  I believe that religious establishments enjoy tax free status on their income, I assume with caveat that incomes are used for spiritual and social endeavours.  Certainly defending an accused in the Court is not spiritual responsibility of the Church.  Therefore, both Income Tax department and Vigilance department should go threadbare into the affairs of the church to ascertain misuse of funds if any have occurred and tax those funds considering them as not tax exempt expense. 

    As for Abhaya being declared a saint, chances are that Fr.(?) Kottoor and Sr.(?) Stephy will be declared in time "Patron Saints of the Falsely Accused".  Kottoor is alledged to be a cancer patient and suffers from many other health problems. For all I know the Church will fast track his case while he is still alive in order to be able to promptly declare him a saint on his demise. 

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