Spiritual Gymnastics of Don Quixote Sancho Panza and tilting the swords at the wind mill


Varghese Pamplanil

Varghese Pamplanil




(Note:  World is full of blind believers. They are unsettled by blind questioners. Hence the saying: “Fools rush in where the wise tremble to tread!” Still we need persons like Socrates who was poisoned to death for provoking the young to raise inconvenient questions. So thanks to Pamplani for raising questions galore to help promote the search for truth.

        CCV is led by a ‘know-nothing’ eager to know more and therefore delights to listen to ‘out of box’ questions hoping to find answers to at least a few of them. After all, we have to live and let live, trying to learn more from other than to teach them. james kottoor, editor, ccv.)


Thank you james for the invite for joining  the quirky brigade of so called Christian moral  vultures led by N.V. John etc.to transform India into Christ mould.


The apparition that emanated from the epileptic brain of Paul of Tarsus, which he called Christ, the Anointed  in a bygone time and place is at odds with the Galilean Jesus as chalk from cheese. Christ and Christianity have now few takers in the West.

But this discarded  refuse is lapped up in glee by the superstitious opium of religion intoxicated zombies of the Third World who wander around like headless chicken in a surreal night of moonlight and shadows. Hence sellers of the ghost Christ may face  a bleak future. These enthusiasts will be lucky if they escape the thrashing by the lawless Delhi goons.

Paul’s emphasis was faith in the  resurrected Christ – note NOT in a resurrected JESUS and grace. In Paul’s scheme of things, good deeds have no relevance,  only blind faith. Will the protagonists clarify what are the moral precepts which Christianity  has to offer to India? Does Christianity have any spiritual foundation except belief in a make-believe Paul’s Christ.

If any spiritual Don Quixote would care to channel his energy in eradicating superstitious organised religion like Christianity from the face of earth and concentrate on  cleaning up the muck from the nearby gutters, then some good would  come about.

It could be a sheer waste of time, money and efforts to run after spirituality, instead better focus on saving at least some from the clutches of ignorance and superstition; some good may result. Beware of the lawless Delhi where  dozens of incidents of goondaism and rapes take place every minute routinely.

For most of the Indians, Christianity is a foreign religion imposed by the colonisers and its gods are imported ones. For them, Christians are despicable beef eaters. Christianity does not mesh with the Indian ethos and the Indian world view.

I totally agree with James that it is desirable to emulate and follow the teachings of Buddha and the views of Vivekenanda, Gandhjli and Tagore and not the doctored versions of Jesus’ teachings. 

What India really requires is enlightened humanism. Religions and their spirituality will not improve the quality of Indian society and its people. Spirituality is a luxury for pensioners/rent earners.


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