SMC4U (Gujarat) Meets CBCI President

Note: In the disguise of tradition and lineage, the Kerala Syro-Malabar Catholic Church hierarchy had ever been trying hard to split the people from Latin Rome and Whitish Pope and take them to a ​beautifully carved throne at Kuravilangad. It could sow confusion among people living together with latin siblings in different countries all over the world. Ahmedabad is the first city in the whole world which could successfully keep the SM pressure under control. In spite of heavy combing and bombing, 80% of the laity stood straight unharmed and said no to Shamshabad and its cunning administrator, Bishop Thattil, who hasn't so far understood what Pope has written to him in plain English.

The fight continued until the Ahmedabad Bishop and Cardinal Oswald clearly told Bishop Thattil to keep away. However, even the agreement signed in between is not till date honoured by the SMC faction. The corrupt SM clerics seems to have been born to spread havoc all over and thus lead the community to hell for sure, if there is one like that. 

Here is a report on the latest developments according to which Shri Gigi Philip Chairman of SMC4U Gujarat, visits Cardinal Oswald and exchanges a brief report on SMC operations in Ahmedabad and Gujarath. Joseph Mattappally (asso. editor – CCV).

Here is a brief SMC4U briefing.

“Syro-Malabar Community of Ahmedabad Diocese has no reason for worry. Because, the instructions issued by Holy Father are clear about the manner and method of pastoral care for the SyMa faithful who exercised their right to continue with Latin Church. Similarly, proper compliance of procedures and documentation prescribed by Congregation for Oriental Churches makes no room for any ambiguity.” said His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias, President of CBCI and Member of Council of Cardinals (C8). He is also the President Emeritus of CCBI and Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conference (FABC).

Gigi Philips, President of SMC4U had a meeting with Cardinal Gracias today, Thursday, February 14, 2019 at Archbishop’s House, Colaba, Mumbai. The one-to-one meeting between the two lasted for more than one hour. Cardinal was apprised in detail about various issues, including certain difficulties which are artificially created by the vested interests, following the decision of the majority SyMa faithful to continue their pastoral care with Ahmedabad Diocese. Similarly, canonical provisions which govern overlapping jurisdictions of different particular churches, and the obligations of the hierarch to provide adequate pastoral care to the members of different rites even in such multi-jurisdictional context were also discussed.

It was pointed out that Para 9 of Holy Father’s Letter is convincingly clear about the responsibility of the priests of SyMa origin who are working in Latin context and having dual faculty, to provide sacraments and sacramentals to the SyMa faithful of Ahmedabad Diocese, whenever they approach them for the same.

After patiently hearing SMC4U, Cardinal assured of his full cooperation and support to the faithful who followed the Papal directions so that their spiritual journey does not suffer any unnecessary impediments. He promised to take up the issue with all the concerned authorities so as to ensure proper guidelines and compliance, by keeping in mind the benefit of faithful as the ultimate objective. 

SMC4U submitted a detailed memorandum to the Cardinal along with a comprehensive dossier on the subject, much to his appreciation. 

Cardinal Gracias is leaving for Rome on Friday to take part in the forthcoming Special Synod, Meeting is the Council of Cardinals (C8) besides many other Commissions at Holy See. The appointment granted to SMC4U is one of the very few, on the eve of his all important visit to Rome. This indicates the importance accorded by Cardinal towards the issues pertaining to SyMa community of Ahmedabad. 

Before concluding the meeting, Cardinal imparted his prayerful greetings and Apostolic blessings to the SyMa Community of Ahmedabad Diocese, and also solicited our prayers for his mission. 
-🙏Team SMC4U

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