Sr. Lucy’s “Karthavinte Namathil” Book!

Controversial Nun!



Note: George Nedumparmbil, is responding to the latest controversy, which appeared in the press about the publication of her book: “Karthavinte Namathil”(In the name of Christ). Her Congregation and witch hunters had filed a case asking the court to forbid the publication of her book and the court apparently  has dismissed their petition.

I am inclined to agree with George, for the valued reasons he states in his letter below. As my reasons need not be the final, all readers of this letter are most welcome to send in their differing views. james kottoor, editor CCV.


Dear James,


Controversial nun?  I think it is very unfair to characterize Sr. Lucy as 'controversial'.  She is trying to get justice in place for sexual victims within the convent system.  I would think that the just man Jesus called her to do it.  Her book is the last methodology left to her to employ,  after having met with deaf ears and finally being dismissed out of her convent.


I had read this article earlier in Mattersindia but chose not to add my comments as I was not sure whether my comments will be kept.  Anyhow, Mattersindia has done a good job publishing the article.  I appreciate their courage.


I have not read her book but what I am able to gather from tit bits, the contents of her book are extremely defamatory of Catholic Church.  Some people are asking why did she not name the priests and nuns involved in sexual orgies.  Why should she?  She is not fighting few individuals with a view to correcting them.   She wants the corrupt and rotten system fixed.  If Catholic Church dare, they can take her to Court thus giving her an opportunity to make many things nakedly more bare and clearer than what she has said in her book. 


What we have inherited is largely a faith as formatted by cronies of emperor Constantine and subsequent "think-tanks" who did nothing but add more corruption to take the faith as far away as possible from the one preached by  Jesus.   Jesus was born Jewish, lived and died as a Jewish man. 


He taught us "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide; so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give to you" (John 15:16).   Does the  Catholic prayer vocabulary meet with this saying of Jesus?   Instead, we have far too many intercessors and many are being added on daily basis, almost.  


The establishment of convents and the introduction of compulsory celibacy for priests are introduced aspects of the faith.  From 21st Century standards, compulsory celibacy is a gross violation of human rights.  It is also a gross violation of believers'  fundamental rights that the priestly clan have exclusive domain over church's assets and funds with no responsibility to publish annual reports and be accountable to the believers, the main reason why abuses and excesses of Roman times appear to have taken hold of the priestly clan.


It is wake up time for believers.    Change is needed, a version 21st Century,  one that does not violate Jesus' teachings. Sr. Lucy, why do you have to fear when Jesus is with you?  Carry on.  At least some of the believers and non-believers are with you.

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