What I seek (Poem) – Varghese Pamplanil

pamplanyIn the golden rays of the morning sun,

In the myriad hues of flowers that bloom,

In the shining droplet on the blade of grass,

In the waves of songs of soaring birds,

In the gentle breeze that caresses me,  

In the  nimbus clouds that flit across the sky ,

In the cherubic smiles on baby’s face,

I see meaning, essence and purpose of life.


Ignore, I not nature’s bounties around me,

Life throbbing everywhere overwhelms me,

Not for me, chasing nebulous mirages unreal,

Not burdened with sin due to Fall of Man

Deluded illusions conceived by charlatans,

Fear I not hell devised by cunning shamans,

Nor do I chase and crave fools’ paradise,

No mad scrambling for a never – never land,

This life is that all I have, I will live it through,

Amidst  throbbing life milling around,

I seek nothing more.


Varghese Pamplanil (Mob. 9447152533)

( Shri Varghese Pamplanil, is an voracious reader and a unique thinker. He has worked as a high school teacher. In 1963 joined RBI Central Office Mumbai. Did post‐ graduate course in the Bombay School of Economics. Transferred to Trivandrum in 1981 and worked in Chennai- Retired in October 2000). 

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