To The Secretary General, CBCI, New Delhi – Vincent Bagul, Mumbai

Vincent Bagul, Mumbai"It is learnt from the news item in the 'Church Citizens' Voice' (August 2016) that the two top bodies of the Catholic Church in India are now busy finalizing a policy to address sex abuse and other forms of abuse by clergy.

It is also reported that the Standing Committee of the CBCI will meet at its biannual meeting at Bangalore from 21-23, September, 2016 to finalize the "Policy on Sexual Harassment at Workplace".

However, as a 61 year old happily married lay Catholic person, I would like to make a suggestion for you to think over it and consider it, if agreed upon by majority.

There are a number of child sexual abuse cases committed by nuns of religious order in Ireland, Australia and USA. The book titled 'Habits of Sin: An Expose of Nuns Who Sexually Abuse Children and Each Other' written by American senior journalist, Ms Ashley Hills gives numerous cases of sexual abuse by pervert nuns, committed with children and with fellow nuns. Even in India, books written by former nuns, like Sr Jesme, elaborate in detail the instances of sexual abuse of young fellow nuns by senior lesbian nuns within closed walls of the convents.

Many lay persons think that whenever a clergy is accused of sexual abuse of a nun, the clergy may not be always at fault. The nuns are not holy angels from heaven. Normally, the nuns join convents at an immature age. When they grew up into a full woman, these nuns feel attracted towards handsome priests around and entice them with their various seductive acts. Some of the nuns have made priests to marry them, thereby spoiling their vocation.

The point is that there are also some bad nuns who take initiative in sexual matters with the clergy. It would not be appropriate and fair to hold the clergy responsible all the time and in all the cases. Some of the nuns also develop sexual relations with lay persons, as narrated by Sr Mary Sebastian.

The radical feminist movement has entered the Indian Church with initiative by some arrogant and proud nuns from Pune (Maharashtra). They want women ordination. It's okay. No harm, but it should be by following due process of law and not by defaming the clergy. What the feminists do is to rake up the issue of nun abuse by clergy and blow it out of proportion. The aggressive feminist nuns located at Pune  and a handful of disgruntled women associated with them  are in the forefront of this movement. These are almost the same women in all the different organizations, shouting to be working for women empowerment.

It is therefore requested that the above points may please be discussed while formulating the policy on Sexual abuse at workplace within the Church. The bad nuns also must be made answerable and accountable to the authority.

There should be a provision for a clergy to complain against an aggressive and temptress nun. There should also be a provision for lay persons to complain against nuns who abuse their children and/or entice young lay males."

Thanking you.

Vincent Bagul, Mumbai

Mobile: +91 9594716483

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