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Greetings from Port Blair!

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Note from james:  We had umpteen occasions to write about Bishop Alex of Portblair. He happened to be one who spoke boldly and openly wrote in Indian Currents entreating Indian Bishops to give up all honorific appellations and other worldly glitering paraphernalia seeing which kids shout saying “Here come the Church  Bafoons”.


Unfortunately it brought no reaction at all from the Indian bishops, all Recipients of Indian Currents. But many readers responded congratulating Alex. That is the moral  and  spiritual depth and height of most of our Indian Bishops starting with my friends, Cardinal Alencherry,  Bishop Franko Mulakkal and Kadappa’s Gallela Prasad.   Gallela at least set good example by resigning to live with his wife and son, others stick on to their positions of power like leeches, while undergoing court cases for corruption.


That is the kind of crazy Catholic church we are living in. All I can suggest is that you all storm the heavens to shower on this parched earth exemplary service minded souls like  bishop Alex. james.


Diocese of Port Blair


23rd February, 2019


My dear James,

Fraternal love and greetings from Port Blair!

You are, probably, going to be surprised to hear from me.  I agree that I have not written to you for a very long time. I assure you, however, that you are in my thoughts and prayers, although, I have not been regular in writing. I always like to say that you are in my “Knee-mail”, even if not in my “E-mail”.

I am sure you will have received the news about my resignation. Yes, I have retired, and therefore, am no more the Bishop of Port Blair.

The Holy Father Pope Francis accepted my resignation on the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, 6th of January, 2019. The announcement was made, in Rome, at 12.00 noon, which corresponds to 16.30 here in India. I myself made the announcement in our Cathedral at about 17.30 hours, after the evening Mass. 

According to the norms laid down by Canon Law, the Consulters of the Diocese have elected a Diocesan Administrator. And so, he is now, taking care of the diocese, and he will do it until Rome appoints the new Bishop according to the Holy
Father’s wish.  Please do pray for us all, for our Diocese and specially for me. 

Thank you.

I am in Port Blair right now, and I will be here for another 2 weeks or so.  I have no responsibilities in the Diocese, except for handing over, and taking care of my own personal works. On the 8th of March, I will be leaving for Goa, where I hope to settle down in my retirement.

Please do keep me in your prayers, as I keep you in mine. 

Thank you.

My Address in Goa will be:
Bishop Alex Dias, sfx
Pilar Monastery,
P. O. Pilar,
Pin 403203.

My personal E-mail address is :

Telephone and WhatsApp no. : 9434284667

I have not been writing much these days.  Somehow, time seems to be slipping by, and whenever seems to be enough of it. I am reminded of the Jim Croce song: “If I could save time in a bottle”.

That’s all for today, dear James, so I conclude with much love and warm regards to you and your family.


           Yours fraternally,

                + Alex Dias
(Emeritus Bishop of Port Blair)  


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