Varghese Pamplanil

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From the burnt and charred earth emerges,

new shoots of blue bells, ferns and grass,

hibernating trees stir from prolonged sleep,

 a few buds peep demure among the leaves.


It is the season of rebirth, resurrection anew.

Life’s cycle begins yet again with fresh a hope.

Pollens scatter, borne on wings of bees,

Birds and bats carry fruits far and wide,

New life begins in tumultuous joy and verve,

The earth is filled by rebirths all round, but,

autumn returns death, decay once again.


But for humans everything is sin and dirt,

condemned for doing what nature devised.


Pray seek not meaning where meaning lacks.

Don’t fall for shaman’s tricks and ploys.

He lives cushy cheating fools sans the brain.

He doesn’t keep any God in his hip pocket.


Sexy Lips


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