Varghese Pamplanil


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There is no wound that won’t heal,

there is no sorrow time won’t erase,

there is no hurt that won’t mend.

Nothing lasts for ever, everything passes.


Transient creatures, we on planet earth,

that whirls and spins in firmament, on and on,

Sun and moon, stars and galaxies and all

will end in dense black holes in their time.


Life is a speck in the aeon scale, forget not,

a mirage, nebula, moment frozen in time,

existence a square, a naught,on summing up

heaven and hell, we make it here, that’s all.


None is great, none is small, mind makes it all.

A smile is rare, so hold it tight with all the might.

Sadness prevails in every nook and cranny,

so pause and ponder awhile, peace may come.


Forget and forgive pains one feels, endures,

a bit of smile, a warm  embrace makes everything right.

This is a wish, while life ebbs away to nether world,

cross the bridge and hold the hands in the tight,

a healing word is balm is all that needed,

then all pent-up hurts will melt swift and fast.


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Let all those unshed tears may be shed.

All that ripples of the mind is smoothened,

and all that  fissures of heart may be closed.

Let this may happen for everyone’s sake.





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