Reflections on Archbishop Viganò’s Courageous Third Letter

In thin-skinned times such as these, Archbishop Viganò’s most recent letter shines forth as a clarion call to Catholics everywhere.

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  1. George Nedumparambil says:

    What, if any, is the value of confession heard by a priest who is sexually active either as a homosexual or heterosexual? Not that I believe that Catholic confession is the repentance mentioned in Bible but wearing the hat of believer in the sacrament of confession,  I would think that such confessions make a mockery of the faith unless the Catholic Church believes that once a priest always a priest who remain unaffected by his own personal sins.  If that is the case or if the priest makes himself clean by confessing his sins to another priest before he himself sits in the confessional then the whole thing smack of a sham.  Cardinal Vigano proposes prayer for spirituality as a remedy.  I would be think that is postponing decision making.  I would have expected the cardinal to lay down concrete ideas for reformation of the church.  Perhaps sexual offences could be greatly reduced by allowing priests to marry if he is heterosexual.  As for homosexual priests, they should  be treated as having a sexual orientation that is different from the usual and allowed to be in relationship with similarly oriented individual. 

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