What to do when you realise you’re being stalked while driving



Somya Abrol

New Delhi, August 10, 2017 | UPDATED 19:09 IST


(Note: If you're driving a four-wheeler, and being stalked, these tips will increase your chances of escaping harm. Isaac Gomes, Church Citizens' Voice).

Call it a woman's sixth sense or that most of us have been trained to always watch our shoulder when in public, but when someone starts following or stalking you, you realise it soon enough. And sooner than that, the fear sets in, especially if it's happening after sundown.

When you're driving alone, however, the chances of you saving yourself from possible harm are actually quite high. Here are a few things all women should keep in mind when they realise they're being stalked while driving:

1. Call 100, with the state code

The first thought is to contact the police, and the number 100 pops into our head. If you're on a highway, however, you'd need to be aware of the state you're crossing at the time, and the phone code of that district. In Haryana, for example, you'd need to call 0124-100 if you're in Gurgaon, and 01662-100 if you're in Hisar.


2. Call any one of your friends/relatives who lives close by

Don't think twice about the time of the day, just make that call and tell them your exact location, and ask them to come, fetch you. Turn on the location on your phone, and send it to them on WhatsApp. They'll at least know the road you're on. Tell them the direction you're heading towards.


3. Look for a PCR

Unless you're in a very small town, you'll find a PCR (Police Control Room) stationed in most cities, at every few kilometres. Just reach the PCR and stop only if you see a cop inside or around it.


 4. No matter what happens, do not stop

No matter how scared you are, or even if you think for a minute that you're not being followed anymore, DO NOT stop till you drive to a secure place.


5. Look for a military, CRPF, BSF, ITBP outfit

Be it a barricading done by the CRPF or ITBP, or a military station you happen to spot on the way, drive to them. Soldiers from any military outfit, are always helpful in such cases. Just reach the point they're at and tell them you're being followed. Leave the rest up to them.


6. Keep a weapon in your car

Be it a knife, a hockey stick or a pepper spray, having a weapon on you always, always helps, just in case push comes to shove. As a last resort, a weapon is essential.

For all of these to work, however, the most important thing is that you do not lose your cool in a tricky situation. So, if and when things take an ugly turn, be prepared to give it your best, come what may. It's your life at stake here; have the courage to honestly fight for it.

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