Reactions to Dear Bishops of India editor of CCV wrote a letter of appeal to all bishops of India on 27/07/2018 (Please read the post in CCV on July 27) and sent it to all Indian bishops. 

Today August 3rd, that is, even after 8 days we have not been fortunate to receive a reaction or a word of reply from any of the bishops. They may have their legitimate reasons for not doing so.

Prophetic Role!

In the meantime CCV has received several reactions from the readers among the general public, praising it for the “prophetic role” it plays in the Chuch in India. None has blamed it for publishing them. Here below we are giving a few reactions from the public, to read and draw your own conclusions and do whatever is needed to cleanse the Indian Church as Jesus cleansed the Temple of Jerusalem, and Pope Francis is cleansing the Church in Chile. 

Ever since Francis started the cleansing of the Church in Chile, last January with his first visit, CCV has been arguing and advocating that a more urgent similar cleansing was needed in the Indian Church with three Rites fighting among themselves and around 200 bishops surviving without open war. 

In Chile there are only 34 bishops. By exposing one bishop or finding out the truth/dirt behind his ‘blue eyed boy’ Barros, the probe ultimately led to self-contrition of all 34, possibly due to their evident complicity in the corrupt cover up,  to an offer from all to resign.  

Tip of Iceberg in India

In Chile Francis accepted the resignation of only a few, while others are left pending for further consideration. In the meantime some 15 other priests there are undergoing fresh sexual abuse cases. That is why we suggested that a similar cleansing was needed in India and what is appearing in public domain here is only the tip of the iceberg.

Ever since both financial and sexual cover ups involving a Cardinal friend of ours (Alencherry), a bishop of Jalandar, and several priests and nuns have come out in public domain and are being investigated by civil authorities. 

Women’s Forum Demand

It was followed by  the demand of the Christian Women’s Forum led or involved by well-known Sr. Kochurani Abraham from Kerala and Virginia Saldanha, a noted lady theologian and adviser to bishops from Bombay, that the Church leadership in India and the Nuncio should ask the Pope to take punitive action including suspension from liturgical activites against Jalandar Bishop. 

It was at this point that CCV intervened, saying any punitive action premature and jumping the gun as the civil investigation has only started and no one is proved guilty. It was for that reason the CCV editor refused to give his endorsement when the two notables mentioned above approached in writing already in July first week for his endorsement for their petition for suspension. 

Probe Kadappa first

Then  the CCV editor was forced to bring the issue of Bishop of Gallela of Kadapa to public notice since it was a Case of alleged Sexual misconduct for over 20 years according to hard to deny attested civil documents provided by Dalit leader Ravi Kumar from Kadapa. So Kadapa first, the rest, Jalandar and rest later, we pleaded.

Shit hit Ceiling!

We are here now. Which case is to be taken up first by the Indian Hierarchy and Pope Francis. As Chhotebhai has tellingly observed the “The shit has hit the ceiling. If the ceiling fan is on this is going to cause an even greater stink. To go full swing everyone in the ‘Holy House of God the Catholic Church in india’ will be suffocated instantly. 

Yet we don’t ask anyone to put the fan at top speed. Instead let everyone see if the suffocating stink can be contained in the house by a top class house cleansing compared to Jesus’ cleansing of the temple or Francis’ cleansing of the Church of Chile. 

Not judgmental

We don’t want to be judgmental following Francis’s exclamation: “Who am I to judge” if some ‘gay people’ pray to God and seek pardon. The name of his God and our God is “Mercy, compassion!”. He is the ‘Prodigal Father’. That is why Francis did not accept the resignation of all bishops of Chile. 

So what is to be done by us first? Find out  the TRUTH about the pharisaic Priestly class whom Jesus called, “Hypocrites, white washed sepulcher and brood of vipers”. Their counterparts are ruling India today. Finding out the TRUTH behind their culture of silence and cover-ups in the Indian Church is of paramount interest.  

Let all Indian Bishops speak up

For that all bishops in India should be made to speak out. (Qui tachet nihil dicit!) One who keeps his mouth says nothing. That can’t be permitted. How can such a person be a speaker or preacher of the GOOD WORD? Those who don’t open their mouth are either complicit or  weeds among the wheat, to be eliminated from any field cultivated by Jesus. 

Besides, TRUTH alone has a universal (Catholic) appeal. Even atheists accept and worship TRUTH. For Gandhiji God and Truth were interchangeable. “Truth is mighty and will prevail”, all will have to join hands to make it prevail. So let us first find out the truth about all charges and counter charges flying thick and fast before we take action on any one.

So listen first to what the “Vox Populi” has said so far and given below. Then let those who have been silent, add their views.

Reactions from the People

Chhotebhai, 31/07/2018 at 8:51 am

CCV must be congratulated for breaking this story. I also appreciate James Kottoor for waiting 24 days and contacting all the affected persons before doing so. The media has to play a prophetic role in exposing injustice just like the prophet Nathan confronted King David the murderer and rapist. The grave charges against this bishop are, being married with a 19 year old son and transferring valuable property to his alleged family. A lot of documentary evidence has been collated by the complainant, and the matter is now apparently in court, and therefore public knowledge. The silence of the ecclesiastical leadership is deafening. Are they being like ostriches burying their heads in the sand? Day by day we are losing confidence in our so-called pastors. 

Commenting on similar incidents of abuse of sisters in Chile, Chhotebhai writes: 

Chhotebhai,  01/08/2018 at 3:29 pm

As the saying goes, "The shit has hit the ceiling". If the ceiling fan is on this is going to cause an even greater stink. 

Following is a letter from  Ravi Kumar, Kadapa 

20180802_095520Ravi Kumar  Threat calls, trading on priests and people by married bishop Gallela Prasad.

Mesa Ravi 31 Jul 2018, 20:23 (2 days ago) to me.

Dear James,  

Thank you for publishing the scandals and criminal activities  of married RCM bishop Gallela Prasad. 

He started trading with the priests and people and bargaining to "UY" in order to cover up his dark secrets and send photos to Nuncio that the priests and people are with him. He is desperately trying to go to any extent for his survival of power and fund.

He is abusing the funds of the diocese for payment of his expensive lawyers from Hyderabad. He employed one single lawyer for both – for himself and for his wife Mrs.Gallela Sujatha – to look after his judicial trail in the court which is totally unfair and abuse of power. This is people's money and how can he use for his family survival from the judiciary????!!!! It is very unfortunate and helpless situation for the priests and people because they can not do anything against due to his muscle power and man power (gangsters and street fighters). My family is getting threat calls to compromise with bishop.

Please bring to the attention of some national channels to rescue the diocese from the tyrannical criminality of corrupted bishop Gallela Prasad.

Crying out for help……. With hope and prayer

Ravimesa ravi – 31 Jul 2018, 20:23 (2 days ago) to me, 

Dear Respected James,

Sad to inform you that Bishop Gallela Prasad, Bishop of Kadapa, after absconding from court orders came to bishop's house with police escorts and with some street fighters and his own pampered-young priests with many convoy of vehicles. He entered into Bishop's house like a politician with convoy and escort.

He went to say holy mass by force without any advance intimation to the Cathedral parish priest and people protested, but with police force he entered and did what he wants while many simple and humble Catholics could not stand up against his muscle power and money power. Police at the entrance gate of the bishop's house are not allowing any representation for dialogue and discussion. He ordered DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) and 15 Catholics were taken to the police station for the mistake of asking for  an appointment. When all the Catholics protested strongly, the 15 were released from police station. The police is at his beck and call. He is running the diocese with the police force. Only his gangsters and street fighters along with his pampered-priests  are allowed inside of the bishop's house. 

His convoy vehicles resembles the politician and trying the suppress the voice of the good Christians by police force and street fighters. He is terrorizing the situation through police; so that priests and people will be  afraid to raise the voice and protest. We have never seen like this. A shepherd of Jesus is supposed to protect the sheep; contrary, he is suppressing the protest and scattering the sheep by terror and police.

He has been paying Rs. 1,000 for each street fighter to face any eventualities and he has 30 street fighters in 3 rented vehicles. So for 30 street fighters Rs.30,000 and per three vehicles Rs.18,000 (each Rs.6,000) apart from the food and alcohol per day expenses.

Bishop Gallela Prasad does not want to answer any question; he doesn't  allow any lay person to enter into bishop's house for talks.

I am enclosing some photos for you.Please help and the save the people of Kadapa diocese. With hope diminishing against the irresponsible silence of the hierarchy. Ravi Mesa (Photos and news article enclosed).

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  1. almayasabdam says:

    The Holy Clergy now is decided to address the public by muscle power. The 200 Bishops core group has their own links to Modiji and concerned State Administrations that assure their safety and health. THey are beyond Penal Code clauses too. God has His own style of punishing them. That's what we see now… getting dejected by the public.

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