Promoting Transparency and Accountability at Parish level

Dear CCV Editors,

Thaltej Church





We belong to the Thaltej Parish at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We would appreciate it if we can get insight into 2 points regarding Parish admininstration.

  • Is the Parish Council and the Finance committee of the Parish still just consultative bodies with the Parish Priest being the Final decision maker? Specially since we have our Pope Francis advocating greater transparency in Church accounting.
  • Does the Parish Accounts need to be be published or need to be given to Parish members for greater transparency of the Parish accounts?

We ask this as we believe in a thriving Parish.

We would be grateful if you could provide any document to or direct us some place regarding the above 2 points.

We would be grateful for your reply.

Thanking You

Elvis Vaz, (Mob. no.: 9825008867)

Ahmedabad Gujarat

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  1. jameskottoor says:

    I am still waiting for the reply from  Isaac. 

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