Pro – exogamous Bishop for a non – endogamous diocese

Most Rev.. Michael Mulhall,
Bp. of Pembroke Diocese
Pembroke, Ont. Canada

Most Reverent,
Arch Bp. Moolakattil  denies The Practice of Endogamy Expulsion In the Arch Diocese of Kottayam In A Legal Confrontation (please see the attachment).

The Denial of An Act To Conceal It Confirms The Unacceptability of it.

When an accused denies the accusation the denial confirms that what is accused of, irrespective of true or false, is wrong and not acceptable as per the legal or moral norms of the society. A defending thief or an adulteress, whether the accusation true or false, denies the accusation because theft and adultery are unacceptable sins and are punishable crimes. On Feb.28, 2015 Mar. Moolakattil, Arch Bp. Of Kottayam Diocese was served with a legal notice by adv. George Thomas (a supreme court attorney in India) which accused the said Bp. of practicing endogamy expulsion in his diocese. To any body’s surprise, Arch Bp. Moolakattil explicitly denied the accusation. In his response of March 5, 2015 to the above notice he states “… I hasten to write this that I have not come across even a single instance of expelling a member of this Diocese for marrying Catholic outside the Diocese or otherwise. Therefore I am really surprised by your allegation of such expulsion and am eager to know how and based on what material you raise such unfounded and wild allegation of expulsion being practiced in this Diocese…”
The exaggeration and the aggressive accusation manifested in the above response conceal the respondent’s desperation and self consciousness implying the subconscious level consciousness of the inherent dishonesty in the denial. Aggression and exaggeration evolves from ones urge to cover up fake. What is being denied here is the act, the practice of endogamy expulsion of the Kottayam Arch Diocese; not the immorality and the consequent unacceptability of the practice in question.Would the Vatican and the Oriental Congregation accept the above denial of the Arch Bp. of the Arch Diocese of Kottayam? What is the finding of the Commission, Most Rev. Michael Mulhall in his recent investigation on the endogamy expulsion practice of the said Arch Diocese? Is the finding consistent with the above denial? If so,doesn’t what has been going on between the Church hierarchy and the Arch Diocese of Kottayam turn out to be much ado on nothing?

But the said denial is not consistent with the fact. The Catholic diocese of Kottayam always has been and still is enforcing the evil custom of endogamy expulsion by hook or by crook, by the use of pressure tactics, by holding the naive faithful ransomed, by using the mafia style black mail strategy on the vulnerability of the believers to abandon  their Canonical (legitimate) right to the ‘clearance certificate’ (desakuri ) which qualify them to receive the sacrament of matrimony and by abusing the vulnerability of the laity to their fear of the ‘divine curse’ for disobeying the God delegated ecclesial (which projects the image of an impulsive God of nepotism).
The Vatican’s awareness, discomfort and disapproval of the practice ofthe endogamy expulsion of the Catholic Diocese of Kottayam are evident in its body language and so an attempt to reinforce it with proves will be a redundancy, although there are plenty.If what confronts the Catholic Church in the Knanaya endogamy expulsion issue is its ACCEPTABILITY within the Church and NOT the presence of it in the Church, the very defendant of it on the ecclesiastical front with his explicit denial of the practice of it ina legal confrontation and consequent acceptance of its unacceptability and illegitimacy is the most undeniable testimony which invalidate the practice in the Arch Diocese of Kottayam. To deny a crime, committed and caught red handed, is to deny the accusation of committing it and, by implication, to disapprove the practice of it, as well.The Catholic Church enlightened in Christian values and refined and reinforced with the ‘western liberalism’ ought to be a spontaneous fortification of resistance, profound and solid, against endogamy expulsion which consolidate racism and contempt fellow man‘untouchable’ and ‘inferior’. Christianity triumphed on resistance and martyrdom not on compromises and strategies.

Thanks to the endogamy expulsion practice of the Arch Diocese of Kottayam ‘simony’ is back in circulation in Kerala Catholic Church.This is how it happens: – Because the endogamy expulsion, inherently racism, violates the Church law, as well as, civil law. The‘Machiavellian’ inspired perpetrators among the Kottayam Diocese church hierarchy blackmail the intimidated faithful to volunteer to request relief from the Diocese. The ransom in the above mentioned blackmail is the release of the ‘desakury’ – the mandatory ecclesiastical n.o.c. which validate the sacrament. The acute naivety and the fear of divine curse as well as the delay and the consequent complexity of the grievance procedure the victims of the endogamy expulsion give in to this violation of right and denial of justice.The endogamy victims of Kottayam Diocese, as a result of the above perpetration, are in a condition of abandonment without an authorized facility mandated to fulfill the sacramental needs of the above orphaned victims. The Arch Diocese of Kottayam is fully responsible in placing the above victims in such a predicament. And the Catholic Church is guilty of not preventing the abuse and violation wholeheartedly. Jesus’ claim of being a good shepherd is well taken because he sought and sheltered the injured and abandoned.
The endogamy expulsion of the Kottayam diocese creates refugees without a jurisdictional right anywhere in the Catholic Church. This vulnerability of the expelled stimulated the return of simony in to the Kerala Church. The penalty imposed on the expelled endogamy victims to be enrolled in a parish varies from Rs. 15000.00 to 200000.00. As an expression of disapproval of this malignant custom some principle conscious parishes have passed bylaw against the rehabilitation of the expelled in their parishes. (Absence of a ruling which regulate the violators who victimize the innocent to be fully responsible for the rehabilitation of the expelled victims of the endogamy insanity makes this expulsion a cake walk for its executioners.)

Between (1) Love                    and         hate
               (2) Tolerance            and         intolerance
               (3) Harmony             and         disharmony
               (4) Coexistence        and         conflict
               (5) Respect               and         contempt
               (6) Enlightenment     and        fundamentalism (inhibition)
              (7) Fraternity              and        racism
             (8)  Legitimacy            and        violation
             (9) Compassion          and         cruelty
            (10) Christianity           and         paganism
           (11) Equals                   and         untouchables 

          (12) Bridges                  and        walls

          Which ones from the above check list would one detect inherent in the endogamy expulsion and check? Thanking you in advance for your anticipated patience and consideration,

George J. Poozhikala
Phone# 8086761987514 453 0049

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