Principal removed for dividing class on caste lines 

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(Note: There is no section in India which is not affected by the cancer of Caste mentality. We have published  the most scandalour example of it practiced by the Catholic Church in India. Read story on Cuddappa Bishop, abducted and torchered  by his own priests belonging to a superior Reddy Caste because the Bishop happened be from the low caste. Read it  in CCV report two days ago. The rule applied to UP school teachers —   all James Kottorremoved —  should be mercilessly applied to Catholic bishops and priests tainted by Caste mentality. It is better not to have a Catholic Church practicing caste system. It is the BIGGEST INSULT to Jesus whom all, irrespective of religious differences, revere and adore as the God of the poor and downtrodden. james kottoor, editor)

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government has sacked a school principal who tried to segregate students on the basis of their caste.

Radhey Shyam Varshney, principal of the government-aided Seth Phulchand Bagla Inter College in the northern Indian state’s Hathras district, worked out his caste experiment with the ninth grade students. He also appointed class teachers on the basis of the caste.

Acting on complaints, District Magistrate Avinash Krishna Singh ordered a probe by the District Inspector of Schools. After the matter was found to be true, the principal was removed, reports

Varshney had also appointed same caste teachers in the class and three of them, working as class teachers, have also been removed from their respective posts.

As per Varshney’s scheme of things, a general category teacher was appointed for a classroom having general students.

Likewise, a scheduled caste teacher was chosen for a classroom with SC students, and an OBC (Other Backward Caste) teacher for OBC students.

Singh said the probe revealed that three sections of ninth grade had difference in ratio over the distribution of General, SC and OBC students.

“Section A had more of General category students as compared with OBC and Schedule Caste, in the same way section B had more OBC students and similarly section C had more SC students,” he added.

Some students had alleged that discrimination was being done in the class on basis of caste in seating arrangements and admissions in the college.

They had complained that the absurd practice was going on since April 1, the day new session started.

“We are planning to take strict action. We have advised the college administration to distribute the students evenly in the class and this should be done urgently,” Singh added.

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