Priests Should Stop Preaching and Live By Example!!!


Recently there were various articles in the secular press about environmental friendly burials. The reasons given were plenty and ranged from saving the environment and being easy on the purse.

There is no doubt that the environment has to be protected but do these very Priests/ lay persons believe in what they say or do they take convenient stands.

I happen to be the Hon. Secretary of Our Lady of Vailankanni and Perpetual Succour Co-op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd. A 112 member society formed in January 2004 on freehold land and which has not been given conveyance till today despite the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act saying that conveyance is to be given within 4 months of society formation.

At the time of our flats purchase flats purchasers were shown 3 gardens for use of residents on the layout as per the municipal approved plans and were also promised jogging tracks, swimming pools and tennis courts. Flat purchasers paid for these amenities.

Till today we have not been given jogging tracks, swimming pools and tennis courts and in the year 2010 behind the backs of the flat purchasers plans were passed by St. Michaels Church Mahim for multi storied towers to be built on two of the gardens promised to the flat purchasers.

I had written e mails to the Justice and Peace Cell of the Archdiocese at that time headed by Fr.Allwyn D’Silva , Bombay Catholic Sabha and various other persons . Surprisingly not a single person reverted.

Today Fr.Allwyn D’Silva wants eco friendly burials. My question to him is why have double standards? I do not want to get personal with Fr.Allwyn and since I am a Bandra boy and an ex Xavierite I do not want to speak on issues which I am aware of and where the Christian community was mobilized.

Fr. Allwyn you are a man of Jesus . If you feel strongly about issues speak up. If you cared for the environment why did you not even acknowledge my mails?

Now coming to burials there are some Chamchas of the Church .One such person stays in Orlem, Malad and calls himself a Professor.Without knowing facts he supports issues which he knows nothing . He supported the Church on the Marinagar/ Church lands issue without knowing facts and got his letters published in the Examiner. He is a stooge of the Church. Why does the same person who stays in a society not state that not giving of conveyance is a crime ? Why does the same person take convenient stands? If he has the guts I challenge him to oppose me in a public forum which will publish views of both sides .

My mother died recently.I buried her in a coffin of my choice. A Bishops mother also died recently , did he bury in a shroud? Stop preaching and live by example.



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