Priest impregnates nun: Catholic women deplore “Church’s double standard”


The gravity of Clegy sex the situation in the Catholic Church in India is very serious, enormous, growing by leaps and bounds, beyond the comprehension of ordinary humans. Matters India which published it deserves all praise!
We on our part are doing our little bit to give wings to the news to reach a wider global public so that it will not be said that the leadership in the Church don’t say, they did not know about it.

Temple cleansing in Chile!

In fact we started it two years ago when Pope Francis did the Temple cleansing in Chile, saying that the situation in India is worse, after exposing the sexual exploits of the bishop of Kadappa. After that we have been bringing to the notice of Church leadership the sexual exploits of Bishop Mulakal and of Mysore both undergoing court trials!

Are the Indian bishops listening, seeing and trying to mend ways, one wonders. What is significant about the new development is that the women folk in India led by Convent sisters are playing the leadership role. Hence we included the increasing number of comments from the laity also, but not a single bishop has opened his mouth. They will not, as they are complicit!

THREE fold criminalities!

Why? Because they are in the vice-like grip of THREE-fold criminalities: CRIMINALITY OF SILENCE, CRIMINALITY OF COVERUP AND CRIMINALITY OF CLIMBING to the top rung of the hierarchical ladder. In Europe they are called “Alpiners”, Alps being in Europe. In India they should be called “Everesters!”  Almost all bishops are such. That is why none opens his mouth!

Men of honor, if there are any, should speak up like the SON OF MAN in Mt.23 and fight tooth with the litay of “woe to you” or get out of the criminal gang. Readers, please, take note of special forceful language used by the ladies in their letter. Who says ‘women should not open their mouth the Church?’
By now at least all the readers of CCV should be quite convinced, after reading all the outspoken, fact based, historical articles published by sharp witted critics like Pamplanil, that Jesus the Jew never built any of the proliferating Churches or Church Sacraments – all products of power hungry, money crazy humans, clerics in particular!

Christ: rebel or anointed?

As for Glorified Christ himself, he was a rebel from the age of 12, because he was called a ‘bastard, son of a bitch’ etc, because people knew Joseph was not his father, but possibly Tiberius Julius Abdes Panthare, as some research scholar has found out to be his geological father after 25 years of research.

No doubt he was a great historical figure like Socrates and will continues as the EVERLASTING MAN, as Chestertan has given the title to his book, or as Fulton J. Sheen tittiled his book as: ETERNAL GALILEAN, possibly imitating Chesterton.

Who can blame Atheists?

So listen to everything and everybody as all of us have to continue learning even from a grave digger, but approve and applaud only what makes sense, logic and reason! For example who can blame agnostics, atheists and NONES who refuse to believe in a ‘Triune God’, one of whom impregnated a young lady already engaged for marriage? As for me, my reason revolts against it!

In the preset story below of the celibate priest impregnating a celibate nun, who is the main culprit? It is the Catholic church which locked them up in an unnatural state of Life. As Cardinal JoãoBráz de Aviz, Brazil, head of the Vatican congregation for religious orders, openly lamented:

Man incomplete without woman!

Gender inequality exists in the Catholic church because men and women forget they cannot be fully human without one another. “Man without woman is not fully human. And woman without man is not fully human either. Each without the other is a piece of humanity." Did’t the God they believe in create male and female to procreate and multiply?

Remedy: Throw out celibacy!

How can they do that a long as they are bound by the manmade unnatural law of celibacy? Throw it out first & more than half the problem will be solved instantly. No more on it as we already wrote on it too much! james kottoor, editor ccv.

Please read below Nuns battalion writing to Bishops!

New Delhi: A national body of Catholic women has expressed grave concern at the way Church leaders in India have handled the case of a priest who fathered a child with a nun!

The Sisters in Solidarity (SiS) on December 16 urged top Church bodies in India to urgently set up structures to deal with clergy sexual abuse cases in a transparent and just manner. A letter from the group addressed to Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, theSyro-Malabar Synod, and the Conference of Religious India refers to the July 2016 birth of a baby girl to Father Jomon Kandathinkara, a priest of the Thamarassery in Kerala, and the nun who worked in the same Syro-Malabar diocese.

While the priest was suspended and sent to another diocese based in Telangana where he continued his priestly ministry, the nun was forced to leave the congregation.

“Is a woman religious who becomes an unwed mother considered more answerable for her sexual transgression because she bears the physical burden of her action? Why is her courage to resist an abortion and bear the baby to term, not respected and affirmed?” asks the women’s letter.

The women condemn what they call the Church’s double standards in dealing with priests and nuns when they violate the vow of celibacy. “While the priests are merely relocated to another diocese, the nuns are compelled to leave their congregations,” bemoans the women’s body.

Such “stark difference in the consequences faced by a nun and priest in the same situation raises many questions about the Church’s pro-life stance, its advocacy of responsible parenthood, and the value it places on the vocations of men and women.”

The women’s body says the issue “raises very grave questions for the Christian faithful regarding the integrity of the Church and the values upheld by the concerned ecclesiastical leaders.” According to the women, the vocation of the nun to dedicate her life to serve Church is as precious as that of the priest, “and needs to be similarly protected and preserved.”

The letter regrets that society has not moved far from the biblical story of a mob that wanted to stone a woman caught in adultery. “There too, the man who was part of the sexual act was judged by a different standard. Isn’t it time that those with power in the Church moved from the side of the mob to the side of Jesus?” asks the letter.

The group also expressed concern over the Church sending the child born to the priest and the nun to an orphanage. “It is very unfortunate that the Catholic Church which claims to be deeply pro-life does not demonstrate a genuine concern about the rights of the child beyond birth. If it did, it would not use adoption as an easy solution and instead seek ways to provide a supportive circle to women Religious who may want to raise their babies despite the difficult circumstances,” the letter says. It points to a case registered by the crime branch 2018 alleging the priest of paying 1.3 million rupees to the nun to settle matters. The women’s body wants the Church structures to handle sexual abuse cases to include laity representatives experienced in handling such cases. The women want the Church leaders to start with the implementation of a government law that deals with the prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. “Putting in place Internal Complaints Committees as mandated by the law could help address issues of clergy sexual abuse,” they assert.

They also want mechanisms that will call for responsibility and accountability from bishops, priests and superiors of convents for their actions in these situations, to ensure that justice is done to all women in the Church. END

The text of the letter follows:

December 16, 2020


Sisters In Solidarity,

Oswald Cardinal Gracias, President, CBCI,
Mar George Njaralakatt, First Vice President, CBCI,
Joshua Mar Ignathios, Second Vice-President, CBCI,
Archbishop Felix Machado, Secretary General, CBCI,
Jacob Mar Barnabas, OIC, Chairman – CBCI Office for Women,
Sr. Navya Mechery FCC, Secretary – CBCI Office for Women,
Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao, President of CCBI,
Archbishop George Antonysamy, Archbishop of Madras – Mylapore – Vice-
Archbishop Anil Couto, Metropolitan Delhi – Secretary General,
His Eminence Cardinal George Alenchery, KCBC president,
Most Rev. Joseph Mar Thomas, Bishop of Bathery, KCBC Secretary General,
Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thundathikunnel VC, KCMS President,
Rev. Bro. T. Amalan FSC – CRI president,
Fr. Joe Mannath SDB – CRI National Secretary,
Rev. Sr. Rose Celine BS – CRI Sisters’ Section President,
Sr. Doris D’Souza AC – CRI Sisters’ Section Vice President,
Sr. Therese Meera RGS- CRI Sisters’ Section Secretary,
Bro. P.J. George SG – CRI Brothers’ Section Vice President,
Bro. T. Antony Raj SHJ – CRI Brothers’ Section Secretary & Treasurer,
Rev Fr. George Panthanmackel MSFS – CRI Priests’ Section President,
Fr. Biju Vadakkel CMI – CRI Priests’ Section Vice President,
Fr. A. J. Mathew OFMCap – CRI Priests’ Section Secretary & Treasurer,

Sub: A Wakeup Call to Greater Integrity

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We, the members of Sisters in Solidarity (SIS) wish to express our deep concern at the manner in which the Church leadership in India has proceeded in the case of Fr. Jomon Kandathinkara, a Catholic priest from the diocese of Thamarassery in Kerala, who fathered a child with a nun of the same diocese in July 2016.
This issue raises very grave questions for the Christian faithful regarding the integrity of the Church and the values upheld by the concerned ecclesiastical leaders.

1. At the start we would like to point to the Church’s double standards in dealing with priests and nuns when they violate the vow of celibacy. While the priests are merely relocated to another diocese, the nuns are compelled to leave their congregations. This stark difference in the consequences faced by a nun and priest in the same situation raises many questions about the Church’s pro-life stance, its advocacy of responsible parenthood, and the value it places on the vocations of men and women. Is a woman religious who becomes an unwed mother considered more answerable for her sexual transgression because she bears the physical burden of her action? Why is her courage to resist an abortion and bear the baby to term, not respected and affirmed?

After all, her vocation to dedicate her life to service in the Church is as precious as that of the priest, and needs to be similarly protected and preserved. Tragically, we have not moved far from the moral condemnation by the mob that wanted to stone the woman ‘caught in adultery’ (John 8:1-11). There too, the man who was part of the sexual act was judged by a different standard. Isn’t it time that those with power in the Church moved from the side of the mob to the side of Jesus?
2. In this case, although Fr. Kandathinkara was suspended from exercising his ministry in the diocese of Thamarassery in Kerala, he was incardinated in the diocese of Shamshabad and made Director of the Mangalmatha Renewal Centre and the parish priest there. It is observed that those with a past history of breaking the vow of celibacy are more prone to the misuse of authority of the priestly office to sexually abuse vulnerable sections in a community. This misuse of clerical authority on entering into a sexual relationship with one much lower in the power hierarchy is not just a sin but a crime as it constitutes sexual abuse. For this reason, posting Fr. Kandathinkara as head of an institution that deals so intimately with spiritual needs of the Catholic community while keeping his suspension from his earlier diocese a secret, is totally unethical. It is a betrayal of the fiduciary trust of the faithful as a priest is taken to be an Alter Christus. Further, in transferring the priest to another diocese where his earlier history of transgression is unknown, the concerned Church authorities become complicit in the crime and are providing the transgressor the opportunity to repeat his offensive behaviour that can lead to more crimes. Why does a woman Religious who poses no such risk have to leave her congregation?
3. Our deeper concern however, is the status and rights of the child. The girl child born to the priest and nun was handed over to an orphanage run by another congregation. It is very unfortunate that the Catholic Church which claims to be deeply pro-life does not demonstrate a genuine concern about the rights of the child beyond birth. If it did, it would not use adoption as an easy solution and instead seek ways to provide a supportive circle to women Religious who may want to raise their babies despite the difficult circumstances.

4. Finally, there have been reports that there is a case registered in 2018 with the Crime Branch in relation to a payoff of Rs. 13 lakhs by the priest to settle the matter with the nun (Ref.Case No D1-6790/2018/CB-Kkd). Ironically, when this court case was going on, the Bishop of Shamshabad appointed Fr. Kandathinkara to coordinate the Jericho Prayer initiated by the Charismatic Commission of the CBCI (Ref. Eparchy of Shamshabad Circular SHD/08.06.02/15/2018). Here again, we see this as a move on the part of the Church authorities of Shamshabad diocese to mask the history of the priest and grant him impunity by projecting him before the Christian faithful as someone taking up this ministry with all ecclesiastical blessings.
We, the members of SIS, find the response of the Church leaders in India to such cases misleading and counter to what they preach. It sets a wrong precedent, and we are deeply concerned about its consequences on the Church’s credibility as an institution meant to live the Christian vision with justice and integrity.
In this context, we see an urgency to set up mechanisms, which will call for responsibility and accountability from Bishops, Priests and Superiors of convents for their actions in these situations, to ensure that justice is done to all women in the Church.

As SIS, we demand the urgent intervention of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, the Syro- Malabar Synod, and the Conference of Religious India to set up structures to make the clergy and authorities function in a more transparent and just manner when it comes to sexual abuse that occurs in the Church. These bodies must include representatives of the Christian faithful experienced in handling such cases. A good beginning would be the implementation of the POSH Act that deals with the prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. Putting in place Internal Complaints Committees as mandated by the law could help address issues of clergy sexual abuse.
It is our earnest hope that the Church leadership in India will pay heed to the concerns raised in this letter so that the faithful do not lose their faith in the ecclesiastical leadership to lead them in a morally upright manner. This is crucial for making the Church a visible sign of truth and justice in the Indian society Yours truly in Christ Jesus,
Adv. Flavia Agnes,
Adv. Sr. Julie George SSpS, Streevani, FORUM,
Adv. Sandhya George,
Anita Cheria, IWTF*, Network of Women in Media India (NWMI),
Aleyamma Vijayan,
Corrine Kumar, Vimochana,
Dr. Kochurani Abraham, IWTF,
Dr. Astrid Lobo-Gajiwala, Satyashodak, IWTF,
Dr. Neena Joseph,
Raynah Braganza Passanha, IWTF,
Sr. Manju Kulapuram SCSC, FORUM*, IWTF,

Sr. Annie Jaise, CMC, FORUM,
Sr. Anupama M.J.,
Sr. Clare Marie Therese ICM, IWTF,
Sr. Rose Thomas SSpS, Streevani,
Sr. Teresa Meera RGS, FORUM,
Virginia Saldanha, IWTF,*IWTF – Indian Women Theologians Forum
*FORUM- Forum for Justice and Peace
1. Most Rev. Raphael Thattil, Bishop of Shamshabad Eparchial Curia,
2. Most Rev. Remigiose Inchananiyil, Bishop of Thamarassery,
3. Rev. Sr. Ann Joseph, FCC Superior General.

1. Jerome, I am confused! Are you saying this ‘tongue in cheek’ or you mean what you say!
Mother Teresa was blind to the wrong doings of the clergy. While she was a good woman,
I take exception to her sayings being applied blindly.

2. If the father and mother of the baby want to be husband and wife and live a married life we
should support them.


3. Nothing short of the removal of the two Bishops involved in this most deplorable and immoral act will be acceptable to those of us in the Catholic Church Reform Movements. Every such unfortunate incidents reminds us the need for ending strict celibacy.

4. It is preposterous that a child born of an illicit priest-nun relationship is given to an
orphanage when her parents are both alive and kicking and probably planning more such laiasons, caring two hoots for the status and rights of the children so born.
Further, who is the Church fooling by transferring the priest in question and getting him incardinated in another diocese with his shameful past kept under wraps? The Bishop or Bishops concerned have done something abominable by allegedly indulging in such nonsense and ought to be held equally guilty and punishable. They ought to act at least now without further delay to get the wretch defrocked!
As for the child, poor thing! Its mother is obviously a spineless woman. She doesn’t seem to have been raped or anything like that. How can the SIS expect her to be retained as a nun anymore? Of course, she ought to have been sent away with the baby in tow. Whether she will be a mother to that hapless girl remains to be seen, for if she couldn’t keep to her commitment as a religious, what are the chances of her being a committed mother!?!
Maybe the child is better off in an orphanage. Finally, Jerome’s comment that “there is happiness in being oppressed” is too farfetched. making no sense whatsoever!


5. Church leaders will NEVER implement the Law Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace. Ministry of Women & Child Development has brought out a specific Manual captioned “Handbook on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.“ Therefore putting in place Internal Complaints Committees (ICCs) as mandated by the law and addressing issues of clergy sexual abuse, is out of the question. We have seen several such violations in Church-run Institutes / Schools & Colleges in the Archdiocese of Calcutta, where there is a mockery of the Law and in particular ICC. In one Salesian School in Kolkata, when one complainant (staff member) was called by the District Complaints Committee (Lady Assistant Commissioner at Lalbazar), the concerned police officer, in spite of being a lady, went out of her way to protect the school. When it was suggested that they conduct an physical visit to the school, she cited Media Glare on such a reputed school. When requested to do so in plain clothes (instead of wearing uniform), then too she declined on the excuse of spoiling the reputation of such a well-reputed school. When she was told that a proper ICC does not exist in the school, she showed records (given by Beniapukur PS) that ICC does exist and she also showed the Committee members’ names. When some of these teacher members were contacted whether they were on the School ICC, the first thing they asked “What is ICC?” This speaks volumes for the school, which gave names of teachers (as ICC members) to the PS without they themselves knowing anything about.
Justice is the last thing that one can expect from the Catholic Church in India which is infested with parasite mafias like Mulakkals (Kerala & Jalandhar), K.A. Williams (in Mysore) and Mondols (in Kolkata). The only way out to curb this is Aam Dhulai by the Laity.

6. There is also something called the right of a child to have a father! And in the case of a nun-priest relationship, naturally one would tend to think that the priest, as a man and a stronger partner both physically and socially, has more responsibility than the nun for the act, even if it was of mutual consent! Hence, natural justice would demand that the man be assigned more responsibility for the consequences of their action, or at the least, equal responsibility. Discrimination in this case seems to be clearly injustice.
DECEMBER 17, 2020

7. There are two issues here: 1. Catholic Church laws and 2. National laws. National law is supreme and in case of a conflict with church laws, the former survives. Regardless of what church laws say, the priest is responsible for maintenance of the mother and child. In addition the child will become the natural heir to the estates of the priest. Whether the priest gets transferred or not or nun compulsorily retired or not, is the remit of the church to decide in accordance with church law. They have taken the decision. Now it is up-to the nun to take the case to court to get maintence from the priest.
I am afraid church will not move as far as its laws are concerned. Women ought to know that in the matter of religion it is a man’s world. One could say by the men, of the men and for the men. Please read the entire Bible to understand the second class status that women are accorded.
The Court should be moved immediately. Interestingly there is already a case at Supreme Court where a group of laity from Orthodox church has petitioned to declare compulsory confession a violation of human rights. Along the same lines there is a scope to implead that church laws amount to violation of human dignity and rights.


8. Such double standards are both absurd and shameful. The culprit priest should not be allowed to get away so lightly. Natural justice also demands that this man pay for the upbringing of the child.

9. Well a small percentage reported to the actual magnitude of such cases. As Mother Teresa said during the Bhopal Gas Tragedy to the open media. Forgive. The nuns should learn to forgive and manifest what Mother Teresa told even in their personal life. Abuse is common in the Church, but please remember these are anointed people. So please don’t judge Gods chosen people, after all there is happiness in being oppressed, pain, poverty and suffering. That is what Mother Teresa told to those dying. LEAD BY EXAMPLE and stop appealing. The clergy says pray – so please pray and dont expect any revert or response from them.

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