KANPUR 16TH MAY: The Kanpur Nagrik Manch (KNM) has expressed shock and dismay at the collapse of an under construction flyover near Varanasi Cantt station yesterday, in which several people lost their lives or were seriously injured. The bridge was being built by the U.P. Bridge Corporation.


It is worth recording that it was the same Corporation that had constructed the Nehru Bridge across the Mandovi River at Panaji, Goa. Two spans of that cantilever bridge collapsed and crashed into the sea on 5th July 1986. The technical enquiry that followed the disaster found that no load testing or deteriological testing had been carried out on the bridge. Besides the concrete was cured using saline water that corroded the metalwork. It is obvious therefore that this Corporation is not just grossly incompetent, but also a grave threat to human life and property.


In the circumstances, and in public interest, the KNM demands that the Govt of U.P. immediately stops all construction activity by this irresponsible Corporation; and book all the engineers, contractors and their political masters who are responsible for this gross act of negligence.


This tragedy has occurred in Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of the Prime Minister. Last year another heart-rending tragedy took place in Gorakhpur, the then parliamentary constituency of the Chief Minister, because of a lack of oxygen supply. Both these tragedies stink of corruption.  


Four years ago we had been promised good governance, free of corruption, and better days (achhe din). We are yet to see these promises being converted into reality.



Chhotebhai Noronha       Suresh Gupta         Dr Er Minhaj Jafri

    CONVENOR                  CONVENOR               M. Tech/ Phd 

   Geo Technical & Soil Mechanics



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