Prayer of the laity for the Church Hierarchy to the Resurrected Jesus – Jose Paul (Delhi)

Jose PaulDear friends, the Christian community is about to celebrate the most important feast of resurrection of Jesus after three days of His Crucifixion. According to Christian faith, He sacrificed His life for the salvation of the whole Humanity. It is true that there are many people who do not believe in this aspect of Christian faith. Majority of these people are not concerned about the religious beliefs of other people. They believe in humanity and the human dignity of each individual and respect one another. A very few of the radical elements may be creating antagonism with one another. This give rise to communalistic conflicts sometimes even leading to violence, it is true that every one of us feel sad and reprehensive about these kinds of activities… But what makes me sad most is not this. The Christians who follow the teachings of the very same Jesus, the Christians who want to share the very same heaven with Lord Jesus, the Christians who are taught to love one another as you love yourselves and your Jesus, are made to form conflicting groups as different sects, churches, rites and even forward and backward classes, Church of people with pure blood, different Churches of people with higher culture and so on. This is not done by ordinary people who believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is done mostly by the people who are calling themselves the representatives of the Church and Jesus.

We the simple people want “Heaven on earth”. (This is taught to us by Jesus) They want “Wealth and power on Earth.” Satan tried to teach Jesus this without success but he succeeded to teach the so called representatives o f Jesus this lesson and the methods to achieve it.  They successfully created more and more divisions in the church sand compete with one another so that many of them can have the power and the wealth which originally belong to the people of Jesus. We the ordinary Christians are not capable of changing this pathetic situation. While we are all trying to love one another as members of one family, while we do what we can in our simple and small ways to bring Heaven on earth, what we need to day is the real support of Jesus with us. During this Easter season, especially on the day of resurrection, let us all, with one voice, from the bottom of our hearts, pray to Jesus “Dear Jesus, help our prelates and priestly class to make a real reconciliation with you” This prayer must come from your heart. It should not be a ritual which these prelates make us say every Sunday reading from printed paper after the phony and meaningless exhortation which they call homily. Open your heart to Jesus and talk to Him directly and let the words come from your heart and go to His Sacred Heart. Be sure that Jesus will be with us and He will do what is needed to bring the one and only heaven on earth into our midst as one Holy, Apostolic Church. We all will become the children of One and only one God, as loving brothers and sisters of one family of Jesus.

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